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    • Global warming and Climate change: Effects

      Global warming and Climate change: EffectsIt is rather unfortunate that some of the most powerful men in the world today think climate change is nothing but a hoax. Science has been warning us for decades and the signs are quite apparent yet the rich and powerful men like US president Donald Trump think nothing really is happening. However, what people need to realize is the fact that, when the rich and crazy people running the world today make unreasonable decisions, it is often the poor at some very far corner of the earth that...

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    • How America gave Africa HIV and AIDS

      How America gave Africa HIV and AIDSThe “Animal Farm” by George Orwell was one of my favorite books growing up in Africa. There are so many interesting characters in the Animal farm and I just loved the book. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “All Animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. The world we live in today is just like George Orwell’s Animal Farm. All lives matter, but some matter more than others. According to my grandfather, there are so many important things in this life but some things are more...

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    • How America and friends pollute Africa

      How America and friends pollute AfricaAll of a sudden, several strange diseases are appearing in Africa for the first time and killing people in record numbers and not so many people seem to know why. There are so many reasons why but in this article, I will focus only on the pollution aspect. Africa is polluted and the pollution mostly comes from the outside world. Western countries like the United States, the UK, Australia, Germany, etc. are busy turning Africa into a refuse dump. These western countries are busy turning Africa into...

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    • Family Planning: Child Policy in Africa

      Family Planning: Child Policy in AfricaIn the Bible, God said “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it”. Taking this and several other verses into consideration, I think God will be so proud of us to see the rate at which we are multiplying. On the other hand however, since we are His beloved children, I feel God will somehow be sorry for us to see all the problems that overpopulation has caused. “Fill the earth and subdue it” says the Lord but the big question here is, how full must the earth be? Isn’t the world...

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    • Commercial Sex Tourism in Africa: Kenya

      Commercial Sex Tourism in Africa: KenyaThis is the story of Kenya's coastal children and this is everyday life in Kenya. The tourism industry continues to boom and Kenyan politicians couldn't be happier. According to the Kenyan leaders, tourism is booming and it is all "good". Yes it is all "good" news. This is what the world often gets to know while the reality hides under the dark shadows of the wicked one.  The "diaper" market continues to boom near the coastal waters of Kenya but the sad truth is that, not so many people know...

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