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    • How America and friends pollute Africa

      How America and friends pollute AfricaAll of a sudden, several strange diseases are appearing in Africa for the first time and killing people in record numbers and not so many people seem to know why. There are so many reasons why but in this article, I will focus only on the pollution aspect. Africa is polluted and the pollution mostly comes from the outside world. Western countries like the United States, the UK, Australia, Germany, etc. are busy turning Africa into a refuse dump. These western countries are busy turning Africa into...

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    • How America gave Africa HIV and AIDS

      How America gave Africa HIV and AIDSThe “Animal Farm” by George Orwell was one of my favorite books growing up in Africa. There are so many interesting characters in the Animal farm and I just loved the book. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “All Animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. The world we live in today is just like George Orwell’s Animal Farm. All lives matter, but some matter more than others. According to my grandfather, there are so many important things in this life but some things are more...

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    • South Africa the world's HIV/AIDS dungeon

      South Africa the world's HIV/AIDS dungeonTraveling to South Africa, please go with your wife if you know you cannot say No to Don Diego your friend and partner in crime. Why? Well, it is because the gods and goddesses have become quite deadly in South Africa today. HIV/AIDS has become the cheapest killer disease in all of South Africa. With just a dime and one penny, you can actually purchase enough for your entire family. HIV has managed to become the middle name of South Africa. HIV/AIDS has become almost a communicable disease...

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    • The Gods must be drunk: Uganda today

      The Gods must be drunk: Uganda todayThe wisdom tongue of the great antelope keeps whistling in the air while the mighty paws of the toothless lion remain at rest.The wisdom sack of the great oracle is dangling in the green yet the wondering mind of the great owl refuses to wonder. The sapient mind of the laughing hyena keeps laughing meaninglessly while the troubled baby orangutan continues to cry out aloud all alone in the wilderness. No the gods are not crazy. They (the gods) are just drunk. This is the story of Africa and...

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    • Poor Healthcare and Bad medical practices in Somalia

      Poor Healthcare and Bad medical practices in SomaliaDrugs are essential to the ailing health of patients if prescribed by certified physicians; handled by pharmacists and instructions of its use followed strictly. This is the case of a place where the rule of law exists and is upheld. The food and drug administration (FDA) ensures the safety of products such as medicines, food, etc. The FDA plays a pivotal role in examining what we eat or take into our bodies especially food and drugs. Tests are carried out on new medications,  locally produced...

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