Muslim-girlReligion is one of those issues people find very uncomfortable discussing in Africa and there is a good reason why. The big question here is "why?".

Some people say religion is all about peace, love and understanding yet so many of us feel very uncomfortable discussing religious issues in public places. If religion is all about love and togetherness then why all these numerous religious wars and conflicts?

Well, there is a hidden reason why. The keyword here is "hidden" because not so many people are willing to talk about it.

People find it uncomfortable discussing religious issues in Africa and around the world and the reason is because, religion today has very little to do with peace, unity, love, prosperity and all those good things they (the various religious groups) somehow manage to "preach" about.

Almost all religious groups today hide under the banner of "peace and love" to commit attrocities. They are not who they say they are, and that is why they cowardly attack those who try to point their evil deeds out.

Discussing religious issues in public places can easily land you in big trouble in Africa, and it gets even worse when "Islam" is involved. Discussing Islam and pointing out some of their evil deeds can easily get you killed not just in Africa but across the world.

First of all, please pardon my ignorance if you find this article very offensive. It is just my personal opinion and it reflects the little I know and the very little I have seen with my own eyes. I cannot delete it although it seems to offend so many people. I can only try to edit the tone of the article a little bit. Once again, I am not a Christian trying to tarnish the "good reputation" of Islam. Islam has done some great things in the past just like Christianity. However, in my humble opinion, the bad things Islam and Christianity have done to Africa, far surpass all the good things they've ever accomplished.

"Only a fool says in his heart there is no God" and no, I am not a fool. I believe in God because it doesn't make much sense not to believe. However, I don't believe in any religion. Why? Because, religion today doesn't make much sense.

In Africa, both Christianity and Islam, in my humble opinion, are like destructive cults, brainwashing the poor and the weak, and bringing nothing but destruction anywhere they go. I am not saying they've done nothing good. However, the evil coming out of these 2 religions, far surpasses the good things to a point where nothing good comes out of them any longer. I have written several articles about how Christianity destroys our beloved continent but in this article, I will focus on the "religion of peace" or Islam.

In Africa, Islam kills faster than HIV/AIDS and Malaria combined. Some will say I am exaggerating and some will feel like crushing my tiny head for Allah for tarnishing the good reputation of the "religion of peace". Maybe Islam is truly a religion of peace elsewhere in the universe I have not heard of. However, here in Africa, as a good friend of mine puts it, "Islam is a religion of piss". Why? Because Islam pisses him off all the time.

Most people know about how Christianity came to Africa and how the same ships that brought the Bible and Christianity to Africa, took away innocent people as slaves. Christianity captured innocent Africans through deception from the very start and many people know the story quite well. However, not so many people know how Islam came to Africa and how it evolved into the "monster" we see today. Once again, please pardon my ignorance. I don't mean to disrespect anybody. This is just the little I know and the very little I have seen with my own eyes.

To continue, Islam unlike Christianity, did not use deception but rather oppression and brutal force to capture innocent people as slaves. Islam brought slavery (the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade) to Africa even long before the Bible and Christianity arrived. In other words, if Christianity is a demon for destroying Africa then Islam is nothing but a big red monster full of nothing but destruction and even more destruction just like we see today. 

Just like Christianity in Africa is full of nothing but deception, so is Islam in Africa full of nothing but violence and oppression. Islam used violence and so violence has remained with Islam in Africa. Some will say North Africa which is "All-Muslim" is peaceful although I am yet to witness that peace. The last time I saw in the news, ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups (terrorists) had taken over that part of Africa and were busy cutting off the heads of tiny little babies all for Allah and his holy prophet, and they did all that proudly holding and reciting verses from the holy Quran.

Some will say those terrorists are not Muslims. If so, then why do most Islamic leaders today find it so difficult standing up and speaking out against these terrorist organizations? Let's even forget about North Africa for now and focus on West Africa which is about 50-50 Christians to Muslims.

Anywhere Islam dominates in Sub-Saharan Africa, there is always violence and even more violence. Take a look at what happened in Ivory Coast just recently and also take a look at what is happening in Northern Nigeria right now. Since the beginning of this year, there's been no single week without bomb blasts in Nigeria and 10s if not 100s of people lose their lives anytime these bombs explode. And who is behind all these and the deaths of untold number of people in Nigeria today? Some will say the answer to this question is "Boko Haram" which is true. However, don't forget the fact that Boko Haram works under the banner of Islam, and if you think I am exaggerating, how often do the Muslim leaders in Nigeria today come forward to speak against Boko Haram and its activities? It may surprise you to know that some of these Muslim leaders in Nigeria, even sponsor Boko Haram both financially and psychologically..

If the message you are spreading is true then why force people to believe it? The Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has killed an untold number of people and continue to kill innocent people in Nigeria today, and they believe they are killing for Allah and his holy prophet. The Northern parts of Nigeria are the poorest parts of the country with just few schools and hospitals. Boko Haram continues to destroy those few schools and hospitals and they believe they are doing it for a peace-loving God called Allah and his holy prophet. According to Boko Haram, formal education is evil. The question is, who taught them that?

There is poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa and there is no doubt it. However, from statistics and personal observation, I have come to realize the fact that, the poverty and illiteracy levels in the Islamic communities across Africa, far exceed the poverty and illiteracy levels in other communities across the continent and the reason is due mostly to the "destructive" nature of Islam. I put "destructive" in quotes because I don't think that was how Islam was meant to operate as a religion. Sadly, Islam today reminds me of one of those destructive cults in movies and we can only pray the movie ends on a good note. Instead of Muslim parents sending their children to school to go get formal education, they send their kids to go sit under trees and learn how to recite Quran. At the end of the day, the kids learn nothing but Quran, and some get so brainwashed by some extremists to a point where they believe killing their fellow human beings make them righteous before Allah.

It may surprise you to know that slavery still exists in some parts of Africa today, and all thanks to Islam and Islamic culture. In some hardcore Islamic African countries like Mauritania, slavery is part of everyday life and it is OK because their Islamic culture approves of it. I know it is very wrong to generalize an entire religion based on the actions of some selected few. However, when it comes to the issue of religion, there is no doubt the selected few tell a lot about the very core values of the religion in question, and this I think is how "the religion of peace" destroys our beloved continent Africa.

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Sally Bode
North Africa during the Roman Empire before the western half fell, was farmland. The Romans paid local people to maintain trees along Roman roads and encouraged agriculture. North Africa remained able to grow crops until the Muslim invasion. The Muslims were not farmers but brought their herds of animals with them. They had no respect for the farmland, overrunning them. The animals ate until there was nothing left. This was one way to get Christians to give up their lands as it was forced starvation. But without vegetation to hold onto the soil, North Africa became a dust bowl. The regular rains no longer came, but when they did, it washed the topsoil into the Mediterranean. There is a deep layer of this topsoil off the coast of North Africa and soil cores can date when it happened, after the Muslim invasion.

Though the Muslims did not begin the Sahara Desert, it was already developing as the continent was drying out and the rains did not reach inland as far. There were savannahs like East Africa stretching across the Sahara. In fact, these season rains in Roman times, sustained all sort of plains animals and there were great rivers. Wars in which vegetation was burned to starve your enemy encouraged the desert to form as well as a possible pole shift of a few degrees. But mankind did not manage this land and destroyed it.

Sally Bode
Even though the heart of the Sahara was no longer grassland at the time of the Muslim invasion, it soon became such as the Muslims had no respect for farming. Israel under the Muslims became a complete desolation. The Jews, being back in the land, has turned Israel green with irrigation and now is a major supplier to Europe of fruits and vegetables. There is plenty of water under the Sahara, it could be pumped up. However, only if it was to restore the forests and grasslands would the rains return. Forests drive climate and the cutting down of forests is causing the Amazon region of South America to become a desert.

Without population control, the Sahara cannot be restored to use for farming. Both Catholicism and Islam have encouraged the multiplication of peoples, particularity Islam due to multiple marriage and emphasis above all reason on sex, sex and more sex. Islam drives insanity towards others. It is a curse upon the land, worse than Catholicism by far though Catholics are encouraged not to think and remain children in perpetual play throughout their lives. If mankind got serious, the Sahara could be restored a bit more every year. But it will never be restored with people banging their heads on the floor five times a day and being taught nothing in their education than Islam.

Then on top of it all, as Islam grows, so does slavery. Slavery cannot be stomped out finally and forever because their prophet kept, took slaves, made men slaves in wars, and sold slaves. Islam will be the death of the planet and every green tree if it isn't stopped

Joe Mrnka
Ethiopians were Christian before much of Europe. So it's not true that Christianity came to Africa first by boat. Muslims wiped out the Christian majority across North Africa. Slavery was almost destroyed by the time of Mohamad, and he brought it back. It is unfortunate that the profiteers follow so closely on the heals of the true believers. It happened in North America that way too. Countless American Indians died, because the Europeans that followed the missionaries saw an opportunity to steal Indian land. Real Christianity is found in the gospel a.k.a. Jesus, but the profiteers use the Old Testament to assert a religion that hurts the men that are created in God's image. Men that take delight in the killing of other men are not men, but wolves in men's skins.
Alexander Harutyunyan
Education, innovation and tenacity are what bring success. Islam and other religions will try to derail this process because it jeopardizes everything they stand for. After all, if you find permanent solutions to pain and suffering, and essentially create a heaven on earth, what good is Islam or any other religion. They pray on the uncertainty of what comes after death, and the anguish we experience while we are here. This is exactly why Islam spreads like wildfire in places with poor standards of living for the average citizen. The people are constantly bombarded with how unfair everything is.

Guy down there says Islam is the future of humanity, using a platform invented and expanded in secular countries. If Islam is the future of humanity, we should all just cut our losses now and put a bullet in our head.

Asma Shafiq
Please do enlighten me. How do u know so much about something when u haven't even been through it? How much do u know about Islam when u aren't even a Muslim? Before judging please do make sure your facts are right and then state your opinion. Islam actually gives you a view of life and also a purpose. Please do make sure u read our books and see the good Muslim population and write these articles that you are saying are just your personal 'opinion'. Well, this is my personal opinion.
Pale Blue Dot
There's no such thing as good religion. But Muslims are on another level. Muslims will bring this world to destruction. It's already happening. Africa is truly destroyed by it. Kids are abandoned and starving on the streets... it's all about greed and conflicts. And who are the victims? The innocents - children, animals, good people. There's no one out there, it's just us, parasites of Earth in an empty soulless Universe. That's it. Humans are not superior. We're freaking apes. Get over yourselves. When you are defending your religion, think about what exactly are you defending? Does it come out of fear? Does it come out of conditioning? Learn how to think for yourself and one day you will be free. Otherwise, your life will be wasted.
Abdelbasset Sabbar
That's your point of view. I respect it. But I think that you have said somethings in your articles that are not true. 1st, there is no slavery in Islam, and if you take a look at the Islamic history, you will find that Islam has fought against slavery in the Arabic land, what we know today as the middle east. Furthermore, the first Muathen in Islam was a black person (Bilal) who was a slave before Prophet Muhamed (peace be upon him) bought him from his owner and gave his freedom. I'm an African Muslim and I feel sad when I see what those terrorist groups such as Boko haram and ISIS do in the name of Islam because in our religion, killing innocent people is Haram. Finally, I just want to say those terrorist groups try to distort the reputation of Islam. And please when a Muslim does something wrong, don't blame Islam. Blame the person.
Tiffany Seidel
You are so right and speak truth. Islam is a religion of death and destruction. Islam is about submission and control. No other religion kills if one leaves the religion, called apostates. Islam is barbaric with hangings, stonings and be-headings and just for the smallest of infractions. Islam is oppressive, treats women a 3rd class citizens and intolerant of other religions and Islam seeks world dominance and superiority kind of like the Nazi did with superiority! Islam still practices slavery though Christianity has abolished that and has evolved from what happened hundreds of years ago!
Assalam aleykum. This is our daily greeting which means peace be unto you. you can continue with your conversation right after this. what other better way to greet a fellow other than the formalities of good morning, good afternoon and what have you. we have no idea of how a person woke up or how the said person spent the day. Moreover, Islam does not stand slavery. as a fellow just stated we abhor slavery and thus our beloved prophet Muhammad abolished it, some of the early Muslims were actually slaves prior to accepting Islam. How you ask, they were freed by fellow Muslims who had to pay for their freedom. when I say we are a religion of peace it simply is.

Islam has a history, and we are taught it's a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. Isn't that what is being practiced right now? But we are also given an option of forgiveness if one wishes so. We get justice and all thanks to the Almighty. We do not start a war if it wasn't instigated by the other party. as for the wars and the atrocities you refer to in the article, they have a story to tell: Early Muslims were ordered not to fight back but after so much had been done to them and their families and properties, they were allowed to fight back and that the "violence" you refer to in the article. There were several battles after that and just a note, the other party was aware of the battles as they had to meet on the ground.

During the time of the prophet many people converted because of the prophet's character. No one should be forced to accept Islam, rather it should be the person's own decision to accept it. Yeah, it is about submission but it's not just submission to anything, it is to believe in the Almighty and not associate Him in worship. As you say, you do believe in a God and so do we, The Almighty. But we have set rules and guidelines on how to live, from waking up to relating with people, eating and to when one goes back to sleep. What can you say about the God you believe in or how you pray or don't? As for what you see right now happening, you had mentioned something about extremists and yeah, they are extremists, as aforementioned, we are not allowed to attack if not attacked and harming innocent people is forbidden. Kindly go through the history of Islam to understand what goes on right now.

Furthermore, we have leaders standing up against what these extremist groups do, and people are advised against them whenever they find an opportunity and that is in gatherings which I know you may not have had the chance to attend. Why do you believe in God? I apologize if I overstepped. this is what is required of a Muslim to ask when conversing with others as you may not know how the person took what you said. this simply clarifies and tends to avoid conflict or creating bad blood between people. what in that does not mean peace?

Mduduzi khumalo
With all due respect, this is article is foolishness. It seems that you are ignorant about the facts and reality. Don't blame the black Muslims or black Christians... because all the blame is due to the devils, the white men or Caucasians who corrupted our minds, our people and our religion. Africans are not victims of any blame... without any apology I will always blame the white Western devils who came here and interfere with us.
Juma Joma Amule
May the good Lord forgive you because your knowledge about Islam is baseless. I don’t want it to instigate hatred but please take your time to learn more about Islam.
A being
Research the history of the brutal spread of Islam across Africa. Started by the Arabs colonization of North Africa, the mostly peace-loving peoples of Africa had a choice of either converting to Islam or death or slavery. This is a historical fact. The first African slave traders were black Moslems, 300 years before the Portuguese arrived on the shores of west Africa. Again, a historical fact, and one that is never taught in history class. To me Islam seems to be the religion of death and destruction. Looking at Islamic countries you will always see death, despair, human rights abuses and atrocities along with the associated streams of refugees trying to escape it, broken towns and broken lives, and always seemingly an autocratic control over the population. All for what? Folklore, an ancient folk story? Money? Resources? Territory? Power? Control? CONTROL.

Christianity isn’t much better. Or any religion for that matter. Forget religion, you no longer need its ancient control mechanisms. Believe in God but believe in God in your own way and don’t impose that onto others. Most of the doctrines you are taught are twisted and warped, with their original meanings now long gone. The theology of God being good and the devil being bad is a fine example of this. The doves of peace that are extremely aggressive animals that will fight each other to the death and the big bad wolf that will never attack or kill any of its own kind.

There is one simple enlightened way. Respect. Treat your fellow humans with the warmth, kindness and respect you would like to be treated yourself. That is all.

Quote :
Even though the heart of the Sahara was no longer grassland at ...

Yes, But the religions are in opposition to one another on purpose. Whoever wrote it was a man of war. Or possibly, a woman of war.

Quote :
Please do enlighten me. How do u know so much about ...

And religion also gives you unneeded guilt, masters, law, false claims, poverty and many other things which evil people love.

Quote :
May the good Lord forgive you because your knowledge ...

The good lord called himself bad... and not good. Only his invisible god is good... don't you know that?

Islam can be summed up in three words, ‘convert or die’. Unchecked, it will be the end of civilisation, and possibly the end of humanity.
I have read your articles not completely . Am South African Muslim born and raised 1st Islam the word means submission to ALLAH ROBI IZAT. We do good only for Allah's sake and not for people. We pray 5 times a day. Why? To improve ourselves and to make an impact on our children so they grow up good Muslims.

If maybe you read Quran and read Hadith saying of prophets, you may have proper understanding of what Islam stands for. Yes, there is good in a person and bad things too but we as humans do our own things and blame it on religion which we don't have a right to do. Remember, ALLAH has created us perfectly but we are not perfect. Like we have Quran and taurah (book of Isah P. B. U. H [Jesus]), Musa (Moses).

Just to make a note: Allah sends prophets down to us. 124000 from Adam up to today. So think to yourself how many people before us lived here Muslims, Christians, Jews and others. They teach us what they know good and bad.

Mahmoud Addas
I used to be Muslim but I left. The Haddith and Quran are evil and seek only power, conquest and abuse. You have sold your life to the devil. Islamism is ruining the continent of Africa and even Europe. No one cares about your Islamic dedication.
Good for you. I just hope you don't end up a Christian or a Jew because that is even worse.

Christianity may seem better today but it used to be far worse not long ago. The Transatlantic slave trade and the subsequent colonization of Africa was all introduced by Christianity and Christians. America and the rest of the western world are mostly Christian but look how they treat Africa and the 3rd world in general.

Also, look how many innocent women and children the Zionists/Jews are currently killing in the Middle East. They've been doing that continuously in the Middle East and North Africa for the past 75 years or so all in the name of "land".