racism in BrazilBrazil is the country with the largest black population outside Africa. In fact, about 56% of Brazil's population (about 215 million people as of 2023) identifies as "black". In other words, about 56% of Brazil's population is people of African descent.

One would therefore expect Brazil's racial policies to be better for black people in general compared to America and other places. Sadly however, Brazil's policies are not only unjust but also quite deadly if you happen to be a black person living in Brazil. 

It may surprise you to know that despite 56% of Brazil's population identifying as "black", black people make up just about 18% of Brazil's Congress. In other words, black people in Brazil have very little to no say at all in political affairs.

This is quite dangerous for a number of reasons. As we all know, Brazil is one of the most racist places on earth. In fact, Brazil was the last country in the western hemisphere to abolish slavery.

Also, the white supremacist and "KKK" structures of Brazil run far deeper than in America and other countries. Therefore, the probability of having some extremely racist leaders making deadly and drastic policy changes is quite high.

It may also surprise you to know that black people make up just about 4.7% of executives in Brazil's 500 biggest companies. There is absolutely no way racism doesn't play a part here. In fact, this is several times worse than in America and other racially-charged countries in the world today.

Although black people make up about 56% of Brazil's total population, black people account for about 75% of all murder cases in Brazil. This has very little to do with "black-on-black" crime. In fact, black people make up about 75% of the number of people murdered by the Brazillian police system. There is absolutely no way to justify this barbaric police brutality. It appears as though the Brazilian government pays the Brazilian police just to shoot and kill black people.

In the books, racism is a serious crime with strict penalties under Brazilian law. However, in reality, Brazil is yet to enforce any portion of this law. In fact, diversity in Brazil and the idea that Brazil is a racial democracy, is nothing but an illusion.

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I'm Irish, WHITE but my wife is TRUE AFRICAN Black and If I were a Brazilian Black I would RETURN to Africa.