African-youth-paintingWisdom knows no age and wisdom knows no color. Wisdom knows no gender and wisdom knows no nationality. Wisdom knows no religion and wisdom knows no culture. Wisdom has no beginning and wisdom has no end. No wise man is racist and No wise man is ethnocentric. No wise man fights his mother and no wise man oppresses his brother. No wise man kills his father and no wise man butchers his sister. A wise man prays to his god and his god listens to him. A wise man listens and a wise man learns. There is no wisdom in the word "extreme".

I came across a comment on CNN yesterday and I have been thinking about it all day. According to the comment, black Africans are far more barbaric than other racial groups and that explains why black Africans are always fighting and killing each other.

 After reading the comment, I decided to ignore it altogether. 

However, just below the comment, I realized this unintelligent comment had more than 50 likes. In other words, more than 50 other people agree with this unintelligent post. Although I know the web is full of "educated fools", I was shocked to see so many of such "over-learned" people championing on major media outlets like CNN. I have been thinking about it all day but the more I think about it, the more insane those people appear in my thoughts.

First of all, it is very foolish to single one race out. Why? Because, the entire human race is barbaric and not just any particular group. There are conflicts, wars and rumors of war all across Africa. However, as mentioned in one of the articles on this website, most if not all of these wars and conflicts are directly and indirectly created and sponsored by western powers. Why? Because the more conflicts and wars they create in Africa, the better their chances of coming in and taking over our resources and markets. In other words, if Africans are barbaric for fighting then what about the monsters who demonically create and sponsor these numerous wars and conflicts?

Even as Africans work towards peace and understanding with each other, there are higher powers (you can call them demons) elsewhere in the world working overtime to ensure nothing but turmoil in Africa so they can siphon the blood of innocent babies into their bank accounts. In other words, if you consider Africans barbaric just because of the proxy wars you've been reading about online, then you are not being wise at all.

If my grandfather sacrifices a chicken to thank his God for protecting him and his family, the so-called educated people of the west consider my grandfather barbaric for killing an innocent chicken. Meanwhile, these same people consider Abraham (in the Bible) a very good and god-fearing man for attempting to sacrifice a whole human being to thank the same God. There is something very wrong somewhere with the way we think as humans.

According to one American pastor, Africans need the light. Why? Because some Africans still worship ancestral spirits. Meanwhile, this same pastor believes in saints, forgetting the fact that saints are also ancestral spirits.

According to the Bible, Lucifer was the fairest of all the angels in heaven including Michael (Jesus). Yet, anywhere you see Lucifer, he is painted black with horns associating the color black with nothing but evil. That is how most westerners think because that is what they've been exposed to since infancy. If my grandfather wrote the Bible, I am pretty sure he would make Jesus very dark in color just like himself. White people wrote the Bible and so it doesn't surprise me at all to see Jesus with white skin, blue eyes, long shiny blonde hair, and painted lips.

Some people often forget the fact that Adolf Hitler and all those wicked people were not blacks. Some people often forget the fact that Adolf Hitler had an entire army supporting him. Blacks, especially those in America, are often associated with all things evil, forgetting the fact that Whites in America commit far more barbaric crimes than blacks. Have you forgotten the same white people who claim to be angels, used to burn black people in public places in America? If my grandfather is barbaric for sacrificing a chicken to thank his God then what about those white people who used to burn their fellow human beings alive in public places? Have you forgotten how Adolf Hitler used to fry tiny little babies alive? Yet, Adolf Hitler was a pure white guy. Have you forgotten the same white people who came to Africa with Bibles claiming to be messengers of God decided to take their fellow human beings as slaves?

Black Africans are often considered barbaric by the outside world. Why? Because that is what they've been told and they've been told so because of the need for a "scape-goat" race. However, if you were to put every race side by side, you would come to realize the fact that the black African race, is in fact, the most peaceful and the most friendly of all the racial groups on earth and that is the truth. I know truth hurts sometimes but truth is one.

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David Michael Hurt
Clearly as the Moon transits the sign Saggitarius [a sign of Truth and intelligence] there seems to be very little of either left in this world. While everyone and their little brother claim to have the corner or essence of it what comes out of their brains, minds or pens is a clear demonstration that though they may be sincere in their feelings, intelligence and factual evidence seems curiously to favor whatever they happen to be that the way it works? There is no objectivity, no justice, no truth only my way or the highway, so let's get some bats, knives, guns, whatever and have a go at it....PS, there are no races in the world, Africa is a continent, not a nation and man/mankind has proven over and over, or strives to show that he can outdo whomever came before he did.