cant breatheLooking at what happened on January 6, 2020 at the United States Capitol building when it became obvious to the world that the then president Donald Trump had lost the elections, and taking into consideration how very divided and polarized America is today, we can all agree that, The United States of America as we all know it, may be gone sooner than some of us thought. In fact, according to some political analysts and historians, America may be no more in as little as one decade from today. Not that America will somehow disappear from the face of the earth. Rather, America will break apart into several individual countries and republics. 

And to the few who may not know, the United States Capitol or simply "The Capitol", is the federal building where the United States Congress meet. In other words, it is the seat of the legislative branch of the United States Federal Government. The Capitol building, with the vice president and members of Congress inside at the time,  was violently stormed on January 6, 2020 by thoudsands of Trump supporters whose main aim was to overturn the 2020 elections and maintain Trump as president of the United States.

The scary part about the capitol attack was that, this wasn't an isolated incident. Had this incident happened in Africa or any other corner of the world, it would be called a "coup attempt". The fact that some Americans refuse to refer to it as a coup attempt makes it even scarier. Why? Because, they refuse to accept reality and that is very dangerous. Without accepting it and making corrections, it is bound to happen again in an even worse fashion. Now, thanks to Trump and his group, at least 50% of the US populace don't trust the electoral process. With this distrust comes the potential for even more violence. 

Also, Republicans like Trump win elections in America similar to the way some dictators win support in Africa. The dumber the population, the better. Some population groups are easier to manipulate than others and statistics show. Even now that it is quite obvious that Trump lost the elections fair and square, some of his supporters will not hesitate storming the capitol building again at Trump's command. The question is "why?". Statistical figures show the uneducated in America vote massively republican. Why the uneducated vote massively republican and why are they ready to die for Trump? That is the question America needs to answer if America is to remain America for decades to come.

Should Africa worry? What would happen to Africa if America eventually breaks apart? Well, not much. Africa has nothing to worry. In fact, that might even be a blessing in disguise. Someone may ask, how could it be a blessing in disguise? Well, unlike countries like Israel, the countries in Africa do not depend on America for survival. In fact, America's presence in Africa does more harm than good to the continent. There are several articles and stories on this website detailing how America's presence in Africa kills innocent people, destroys our natural resources and hijacks our economies. A broken up America will be instantly less powerful and will cease to be the "policemen" of the world. Also, with America gone, maybe some of Africa's brightest minds can remain on the continent instead of flocking to America for greener pastures.


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