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    • Relocating to Africa: Moving to Ghana

      Relocating to Africa: Moving to GhanaEverybody is an African and I mean that literally. Yes everybody has some “Africa” in them. Africa is the motherland and the ancestral home of every living man. To some of the numerous people of African descent living around the world, Africa is more than just a "motherland". Africa is "home" and home is where the heart is. Many are beginning to see our beloved continent for what it truly is. The continent of many colors and the continent of life itself. Many are reconnecting with their roots....

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    • Israel the worst place for African immigrants

      Israel the worst place for African immigrantsTears of Africa flow like mighty streams in the "holy land". The blood of Africa weeps all day and night in the "promised land". Women are beaten and stripped naked and men are reduced to nothing but stray dogs. Little children are looked at with scornful eyes and sometimes kicked right in the face. This is life in God's "holy land". Africans living in Israel today are like sacrificial lambs whose blood must atone for the sins of the multitude. Africans living in Israel today are like...

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    • Migrants on the move: The root factors

      Migrants on the move: The root factorsLife is beautiful and life is precious. There is nothing greater than life. With life, there is always hope and with hope comes opportunities. With opportunities and determination comes success and with success comes happiness. However, what if life is no longer an option? What if death is almost certain? Would you rather die for nothing and go in peace or die for something? Would you rather die folding your arms or die trying your hands on something? Well, like most of you, I would rather die...

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    • Africans, Black Americans, and African Americans

      Africans, Black Americans, and African AmericansEverybody is an African in one way or the other. Africa is the cradle of mankind. In other words, to be an African has nothing to do with skin color and it has absolutely nothing to do with language. You can find every skin color in Africa and every language you can ever think of, has its roots somewhere in Africa. So in reality, we are all Africans. However, in today's world, the term "African" has come to refer to a particular group of people with some distinct features. The question...

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    • African Migrants: The Deadly Journey to Europe

      African Migrants: The Deadly Journey to EuropeAccording to the UN Refugee agency, the number of refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people worldwide has for the first time in the post-World War II era, exceeded 50 million people. In other words, more than 50 million people are displaced around the world today because of conflicts, poverty, persecution, climate change, etc. People are hunted down like wild animals in some lawless corners around the world in places like Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, Mexico,...

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