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    • Mahatma Gandhi the racist peace icon

      Mahatma Gandhi the racist peace iconIndia’s Mahatma Gandhi was a man of many words and his words were sharper than a double-edged sword. Yes his words were sharper than the sharpest katana sword and the great Gandhi pierced and sliced through the hearts and souls of his victims with no mercy at all. To the world and beyond, Gandhi was and remains a peace icon "why?" because he (Gandhi) was a man of peace. The question however is, what is peace and what makes a man a “peace icon”? Although some may disagree based on their own...

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    • Africa and the Corrupt UN Security Council

      Africa and the Corrupt UN Security CouncilNot long ago, Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, threatened to leave the UN (using some very insultive words and calling president Obama the "son of a bi*ch") and the media went wild on him for that statement. I sided with the media because of the childish way Duterte put his words. That aside, the media also went on Duterte for another reason. According to the media, it is unheard of for a third world country like the Philippines to threaten the most superior of all the world...

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    • China and Ejiao: The Donkey Skin Trade

      China and Ejiao: The Donkey Skin TradeTo some Chinese people, “man’s best friend” is what is on the table. “Man’s best friend” to some Chinese people is what is cooked and served. “Man’s best friend” is what brings in money, more money and nothing but money as far as some Chinese people are concerned. The first time I read about the flourishing dog meat industry in China, although I was shocked and sad at the same time, I still thought it was unfair to judge China based on my own cultural beliefs. To most of us (Africans back...

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    • The War Criminals: Africa and the West

      The War Criminals: Africa and the WestThe world today is full of criminals and the western world is no exception. Almost all western politicians and leaders today are criminals (most of them war criminals). At least 95% of all American leaders including presidents, vice presidents, and other statesmen (including those in history) were/are criminals with most of them being war criminals. The sad truth however is that, most of these criminals walked and some continue to walk freely today. Some even have won several Nobel peace...

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    • Africa and the International Criminal Court

      Africa and the International Criminal CourtBurundi, Gambia and now South Africa have officially notified the UN Secretary-general of their intentions to leave the International Criminal Court (the ICC) and from the look of things, many other African countries may follow suit. Why are African countries abandoning the ICC? Well, it is because of “fear” and “distrust”. The ICC came on the scene in 1998 as a way to pursue some of the world’s worst atrocities: genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. In other words, the ICC was to...

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