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    • Gaddafi and Africa: The Murdered Truth

      Gaddafi and Africa: The Murdered TruthSome say he was a hero. Some say he was a monster. Others considered him a king. The real question however remains quite unanswered. Why did America get involved in Libya and not in Zimbabwe? Why did NATO bomb Libya and not Sudan? Why was Gaddafi targetted and why was he assassinated? Well, the truth is so distorted to the point where only the wicked know the truth. However, as we all know, the wicked hate the truth and so try to build mountains upon mountains of lies just to bury the truth. Most...

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    • The Worst leaders (Dictators) in Africa Today

      The Worst leaders (Dictators) in Africa TodayMost western sources often rate African leaders based solely on statistical figures. The great misconception here is that, "statistics" equate "reality". In the case of Africa, governments in power often falsify statistical figures to give the impression that they (the governments in power) are doing something great. Some western economists and analysts often take those false statistical figures into account which unfortunately distorts the reality. We Africans should be in a better position...

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    • The African legacy: Obama, Bush and Clinton

      The African legacy: Obama, Bush and ClintonI may not be a Bush fan but I still believe it is fair to give credit where credit is due. No American president (past or present) helped or has helped Africa more than former president George W. Bush. To some, former president George Bush failed the world miserably (especially the United States and the Middle East) in several areas. Bush declared meaningless wars, and signed the ‘death sentence’ of several innocent people including innocent women and children (especially in Iraq, which some...

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    • Robert Mugabe the biggest failure in Africa

      Robert Mugabe the biggest failure in AfricaIt is often a sad situation to witness when people try to compare failures like Robert Mugabe to great men like Nelson Mandela.Those who don't know much about Africa think Robert is a hero simply because he (Robert Mugabe) is both anti-white and anti-west forgetting the fact that, only fools and cowards hide under the dark shadows of racism, tribalism and ethnocentrism, extreme nationalism, etc. Robert Mugabe thinks the west is the enemy and so he (Robert Mugabe) does not want to have anything to do...

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    • How Monsters and Dictators survive in Africa

      How Monsters and Dictators survive in AfricaAn innocent pregnant woman is about to be sentenced to death in Sudan just for marrying a Christian while a monster by name Omar Al Bashir remains the president of Sudan. Just think about it for a minute. Omar Al Bashir is responsible for the deaths of not less than 600,000 innocent people. He was the mastermind behind the Darfur Genocide and the brutal face of the Sudanese civil war. He has been declared a wanted man by both the United Nations and the International Court of Justice. The sad...

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