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    • The African Farmer: Problems facing Agriculture

      The African Farmer: Problems facing AgricultureFertile fields, thriving crops, high quality and plentiful yields, healthy and numerous cattle, financial security, good education for the children, a better home, a better life for all. The African land can provide all these and much more to the hardworking smallholder African farmer, the large scale African farmer, entire countries, Africa as a continent, and even the world at large.The potential is phenomenal. Unfortunately however, this potential remains largely untapped.  Farming is a...

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    • How Trade Injustice Destroys Poor Countries

      How Trade Injustice Destroys Poor CountriesTrump’s war on trade injustice is quite hypocritical in the sense that, the biggest bully as far as trade injustice is concerned, is America. No continent on earth has suffered from trade injustice more than Africa and with the exception of maybe one or two, no super power has bullied Africa in trade deals more than America. Whenever cheap foreign goods flood local markets, local industries struggle to compete and many local industries go out of business. Once local industries go out of...

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    • Free Trade Area and One Passport for Africa

      Free Trade Area and One Passport for AfricaThere is strength in numbers and Africa has numbers. The only problem is that, Africa failed to put those numbers to good use. The good news however is that, it is never too late and Africa is awakening faster than we could all imagine. In fact, many Africans are beginning to realize the strength and power in numbers. Africa has begun taking some bold but crucial initial steps and it is all for the better. Imagine Africa with open borders. Imagine Africa whereby people, goods, and services...

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    • Free Trade: Let Africa trade with Africa

      Free Trade: Let Africa trade with AfricaAfrica is a continent of over 1.2 billion people yet Africa has very little to no say at all when it comes to trade agreements and world marketing issues. Africa is the "engine" of the world yet Africa has no say at all on some of the toughest issues facing the world today. Without Africa, the world would go "bankrupt" yet Africa continues to wallow in poverty. Although there's been some great improvements in the last decade or so, there is no doubt Africa still has a very long way to go.  Our...

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    • Japan joins the Big Game: Africa wins

      Japan joins the Big Game: Africa winsThe big game is on. Japan has finally decided to join not just as a spectator but a major player on the field chasing their main opponents (the Chinese investors) from every corner. Japan has finally decided to join the new struggle for Africa. Japan has decided to invest in Africa just like China has been doing for the past 15 years or so. However, Japan has promised to play a very free and fair game. Japan has promised to help better not just their bank accounts but also the lives of the...

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