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    • Africa as a continent: when to visit Africa

      Africa as a continent: when to visit AfricaFormer president George Bush once referred to Africa as a "country" instead of a "continent". Of course it was a slip of tongue which he immediately corrected. Africa is not a country but a continent of about 55 different countries. Africa is the second largest continent in the world today in terms of land mass and population size. Some people sometimes underestimate the size of Africa but to put it in perspective, you can fit the whole of the United States, the whole of China, the whole of...

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    • How to Adopt a child from Africa: Ghana

      How to Adopt a child from Africa: GhanaAdopting a child especially from a third world country (like the poor countries in sub-Saharan Africa) and giving that child a good place to call a home, good education, and a better future, is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give. However, not everyone can adopt and not everyone should adopt. If you feel physically, emotionally and psychologically sound to adopt a child, then go ahead and be an angel to some of these poor children in Africa, Asia, and around the world. If you are...

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    • Wangari Maathai the Tree Lady of Africa

      Wangari Maathai the Tree Lady of AfricaIn Africa, she is sometimes referred to as the "tree lady" and she was born to save trees. In fact, all the trees in Africa know her by name and she saved more trees than anyone you can think of. She passed away on 25th September, 2011 after a prolonged battle with cancer but not even death could stop her from saving trees. Yes she continues to save trees. In a land where girl-child education was considered unimportant at ll. In a land where the kitchen was considered the formal office of the...

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    • Professor Chinua Achebe: The African

      Professor Chinua Achebe: The AfricanProfessor Chinua Achebe was a man of many voices. Hated by the government but loved by the people. Professor Chinua Achebe was the people's voice who spoke nothing but the truth. He carried the voice of the people not just through his voice but also through his writings. When things began to fall apart, he was always more than ready to voice out on behalf of the people. Even when he discovered those things fallen apart already, he did not keep quiet. Instead, he was more than ready to pinpoint the root...

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    • Why Black people love Chicken

      Why Black people love ChickenWhen the great gods of China are busy tearing through their dog meat, the entire world keeps silent. When the obese gods of America are busy swallowing pork chops, the entire world pretends as if nothing abnormal is happening. However, when the old but gentle gods of Africa touch pieces of chicken, the entire world goes crazy as if it is so abnormal to eat chicken. The truth however is that, We Africans love chicken and so are our gods. Yes Africa is "chicken" and chicken is Africa. We love...

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