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The Islamic Sharia law kills innocent people including children


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Default The Islamic Sharia law kills innocent people including children

I posted a thread here yesterday about some of the harmful effects of religion on today's society and I used the current conflicts in Ivory Coast and Afghanistan as examples of how religion is doing more harm than good in today's society and why it makes sense to illegalize organized religions and religious groups. Not just Islam but also Christianity, Judaism, etc.

Africa had so many barbaric traditions in the past but thank God almost all of those barbaric traditions have been abolished because people are beginning to see the light. Most people did not know but now they know and they've all seen the harmful effects and good reasons why those barbaric traditions were abolished for good. However, it is very sad to read that a major religion like Islam full of educated people is still full of barbaric laws such as the barbaric Sharia Law.

I just read a shocking article on CNN and I don't know whether to call it religious madness or absolute insanity. In the article, an innocent 14 year old girl (Hena) got raped by one idiot and then got lashed to death later on by Sharia Law in a small town (Shariatpur) in Bangladesh. Hena the beautiful and innocent 14 year old girl got raped by one of her own extended relatives, an idiot by name Mahbub Khan who used to live in Malaysia. Mahbub Khan the idiot is a married man in his middle 40s and is related to Hena's father (Darbesh Khan).

Mahbub Khan had been sexually harassing the poor Hena on her way to school ever since he returned from Malaysia. Hena's father Darbesh Khan reported the matter to the council of elders who ordered Mahbub Khan to pay a fine of $1000 for his actions but Darbesh Khan after so much pressure from other family members decided to let the matter rest because Mahbub Khan is Darbesh Khan's older brother's son.

Several months later, the idiot Mahbub Khan attacked the poor Hena again one night as the innocent girl was attending nature's call. She dragged her behind a nearby shrubbery where he beat her and then raped the poor innocent girl. Mahbub's wife heard the poor little girl screaming for help and ran to the scene but instead of helping the poor little girl home, she took her to her room, tied her up and beat her even the more for having sex with her husband knowing very well that her husband is the mad he-goat in this case.

Mahbub's wife reported the matter to the elders the next day who passed judgment and found the poor innocent girl guilty and decided to apply the barbaric Sharia law on the poor innocent Hena in the public place. Hena's punishment was 101 lashes. The poor Hena received 70 and then collapsed almost dead on the ground. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she died due to severe internal breeding.

According to Bangladesh's law, Sharia law is illegal but it is still observed in today's Bangladesh. They made Sharia Law illegal (in book) so the world will know Sharia law is illegal in Bangladesh but it is still observed in Bangladesh especially in the small towns and villages and the sad thing is that, Bangladesh's law does almost nothing to those offenders. Hena's story got media attention because of the public outcry it received but several similar stories happen every single day in Bangladesh and go unnoticed because Islam permits Sharia law.
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