Muslim-girlFirst of all, please pardon my ignorance if you find this article very offensive. It is just my personal opinion and it reflects the little I know and the very little I have seen with my own eyes. I cannot delete it although it seems to offend so many people. I can only try to edit the tone of the article a little bit. Once again, I am not a Christian trying to tarnish the "good reputation" of Islam. Islam has done some great things in the past just like Christianity. However, in my humble opinion, the bad things Islam and Christianity have done to Africa, far surpass all the good things they've ever accomplished.

"Only a fool says in his heart there is no God" and no I am not a fool. I believe in God because it doesn't make much sense not to believe. However, I don't believe in any religion why because religion makes no sense.

In Africa, both Christianity and Islam in my opinion, are like destructive cults "brainwashing" the poor and the weak and bringing nothing but destruction anywhere they go. I am not saying they've done nothing good. However, the evil coming out of these 2 religions far surpasses the good things to the point where nothing good comes out of them any longer. I have written several articles about how Christianity destroys our beloved continent but in this article, I will focus on the "religion of peace" or Islam.

In Africa, Islam kills faster than HIV/AIDS and Malaria combined. Some will say I am exaggerating and some will feel like crushing my tiny head for Allah for tarnishing the good reputation of the religion of peace. Maybe Islam is truly a religion of peace elsewhere in the world I have not heard of but here in Africa, as a good friend of mine puts it, "Islam is a religion of piss" why because Islam pisses him off all the time. Most people know about how Christianity came to Africa and how the same ships that brought the Bible and Christianity to Africa, took away innocent people as slaves from Africa. Christianity captured innocent Africans through deception from the very start. However, not so many people know about how Islam came into Africa. Islam unlike Christianity did not use deception but rather oppression and brutal force to capture innocent people as slaves. Islam introduced slavery (the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade) into Africa even long before the Bible and Christianity arrived. In other words, if Christianity is a demon for destroying Africa, then Islam is a big red monster full of nothing but destruction and even more destruction just like we see today. Once again, please pardon my ignorance if this article offends you.

Just like Christianity in Africa is full of nothing but deception, so is Islam in Africa full of nothing but violence. Islam used violence and so violence has remained with Islam in Africa. Some will say North Africa which is "All-Muslim" is peaceful although I am yet to witness that peace. However, in this article let's focus on West Africa which is about 50-50 Christians to Muslims.

So take West Africa for example. Anywhere Islam dominates, there is always violence and even more violence. Take a look at what happened in Ivory Coast just a few months ago and also take a look at what is happening in Northern Nigeria right now. Since the beginning of this year, there's been no single week without bomb blasts in Nigeria and 10s if not 100s of people loose their lives anytime these bombs explode and who is behind all these bomb blasts and the deaths of untold number of people in Nigeria today? The answer is ISLAM. Some will say the answer to this question is "Boko Haram" which is true. However, don't forget that Boko Haram works under the banner of Islam and if you think I am exaggerating, how often do the Muslim leaders of Nigeria come forward to speak against Boko Haram? It may surprise you to know that some of these Muslim leaders in Nigeria even sponsor Boko Haram both financially and psychologically..

If the message you are spreading is true then why force people to believe it? The Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has killed an untold number of people and continue to kill innocent people in Nigeria today and they believe they are killing for Allah and his holy prophet. The Northern parts of Nigeria are the poorest parts of the country with just few schools and hospitals yet these Islamic extremists are busy destroying the few schools and hospitals and the sad thing is that, they believe they are doing it for a peace-loving God called Allah and his holy prophet called Mohammed ( If it is true he was holy, then let peace be upon him instead of piss.).

There is poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa and there is no doubt it. However, from personal observation, I have come to realize the poverty and the illiteracy levels in the Islamic communities (compared to other communities) are far greater due mostly to the "destructive" nature of Islam in Africa as you can see from the example I just gave. Instead of Muslim parents sending their children to school to go get formal education, they send their kids to go sit under trees and learn how to recite Quran why because western education, according to most Muslim parents in Africa, is evil. So at the end of the day, the kids learn only about Quran and some get so brainwashed by some extremists to the point where they believe killing their fellow human beings make them righteous before Allah just like what is happening in Northern Nigeria right now. In this modern age and time, slavery still exists in Africa in some hardcore Islamic African countries such as Mauritania and all thanks to Islam and Islamic values. I know it is very wrong to generalize an entire religion based on the actions of some selected few. However, when it comes to the issue of religion, there is no doubt the selected few tell a lot about the very core values of the religion in question and this I think is how "the religion of peace" destroys our beloved continent Africa.