ForeignAidAlmost all the foreign aid Africa receives, end up in private bank accounts in foreign lands. In Africa, foreign aid fuels corruption, starts conflicts, and pays to kill innocent people especially the poor and the weak. This is how foreign aid destroys Africa. Foreign aid turns African governments into monsters and causes them to destroy the very own people they were supposed to be protecting. Many African leaders stay in power for decades why because they receive free aid money to pay the military and private killing machines to enable them remain in power forever.

Besides turning governments into monsters, foreign aid brings in a lot of other negative incentives. External people see Africa as even poorer why because they "feed" Africa in the form of aid.

Poor African_farmerThe World Bank and the IMF (the International Monetary Fund) were set up during the end of the Second World War to rebuild the economies of Europe. However, in order for the world bank and the IMF to implement their policies, they (the world bank and the IMF) began offering loans to poor countries but only if the poor countries privatized their economies and allowed western corporations free access to their raw materials and markets. That was a poverty trap and many poor countries realized it when it was too late. We were already in chains.

That was the beginning of much of the problems we face today in Africa. Now we are in a vicious cycle of poverty and there seems to be no way out.

xenophobia SASouth Africa is burning but not so many people seem to know where the fire is coming from. In Africa, the rich and powerful often make the most stupid comments and it gets even worse when the poor and the weak forget to think. Anywhere you see “South Africa” in the news today, you see “xenophobia”. Yes South Africa is Xenophobia and Xenophobia is South Africa. Xenophobic attacks are not something new in South Africa. It has only gotten worse. The recent widespread xenophobic attacks unfortunately was sparked by a comment by the rich and powerful King of the Zulus, King Goodwill Zwelithini.

The “not so wise” comment from our Zulu king gave the tension a spark and started the fire that is burning in South Africa today.

General BuhariSeveral millions of registered voters came out in their numbers, lined up and waited hours upon hours under the hot sun and in the pouring rain sometimes with bullets flying over their heads all in an effort to vote for change and not just change but positive change. They waited and voted for the man they feel can bring the change Nigeria needs.

They waited patiently and watched while every vote was counted. They voted and voted for Buhari whom many have come to see as the “Messiah” and the “Junior Prophet” Nigeria needs. Nigerians needed "change" and so voted for nothing but change. 

The question now becomes; Can Buhari fix Nigeria? Can General Buhari bring the positive change Nigeria needs?

African-MinerNot long ago, some of us (Africans back home) only saw Chinese people in their very famous "Kung fu" martial arts movies but it may surprise you to know that over a million Chinese investors have permanently settled in Africa today with their families. Not because they love Africa as a home but because they know there is money and more money to be sucked from the sweats of some poor innocent Africans. They have no plans of going back why because in Africa, they reign as supreme beings and are worshiped all day and night.

Even the "nobodys" in China want to be worshiped just because they came with some little money to a land where several people continue to toil all day and night just for their daily bread.

African-immigrant-IsraelAfricans living in Israel today are like scape-goats who get blamed for even the things they know nothing about. Here is an example. Prostitution which is one of the oldest professions in the Torah is not something new in the "promised land" yet Israelis today blame the African immigrants popularly known as the "infiltrators" for introducing prostitution into the Promised Land.

Even King David got drunk several times in the Bible which implies alcoholism isn't something new in the Promised Land yet Israelis today blame African immigrants for introducing alcoholism into the Promised Land and showing God's chosen people how to get drunk. It is so bad to the point where even some Rabbis blame African immigrants for their un-answered prayers which is very sad.