african-immigrant-maineToday I read a very sad story on CNN about how a poor 8 year old American boy lost his life in the Boston Marathon bombing on Tuesday April 16, 2013. Not just that, the sister of this poor boy lost her leg (amputated) while their poor mother remains in intensive care. The mother of these 2 poor child victims is undergoing brain surgery because of a severe injury to her brain. It is a great tragedy and a very sad story indeed and I feel very bad for all the victims of this great tragedy.

Terrorism in my opinion is an act of stupidity and extreme ignorance. I don't want to use the word "illiteracy" why because most of the terrorists in today's world are educated fools. Yes it is true there are some illiterates in there who don't even know their left from right.

However, we often forget the fact that most of these illiterates are often propelled by some educated fools. In other words, these illiterates are propelled by people who can read and write and know exactly what they are doing. Take Osama Bin Laden as example. I don't think Osama Bin Laden was an illiterate at all. So in some way it doesn't make much sense to refer to these criminals as complete illiterates as if they have never been to classrooms before and know nothing about formal education.

If terrorists were complete illiterates with no brainer behind their evil deeds, we wouldn't have to struggle at all in defeating them.  I personally prefer "stupid fools" because "stupid fools" in my opinion describes terrorists perfectly. Extreme ignorance is nothing but stupidity and so it makes perfect sense to also refer to terrorists as ignorant fools.

Now back to war on terror. We must all do our parts to help fight terrorists and these stupid ignorant fools who do not cherish life. Why target innocent people who have done nothing wrong to you? Why target poor innocent children like this poor boy in my post? Why destroy innocent families who have done nothing wrong to you? No wise person will do that and that is why I say terrorists are nothing but stupid ignorant fools and that is why we must all help the fight against terrorism.

There are fools in every society and every society is full of some ignorant non-thinking beings in human bodies. The point here is that, there are terrorists in every society. Wherever fools are found, such barbaric acts as terrorism are almost impossible to avoid. That been said, it makes perfect sense therefore to say there are terrorists in every country. It makes perfect sense to say there are terrorists in every race and background and there are terrorists in every religion.

If so, then does it make much sense to target one specific religion in this war against terror? The answer here is a very big no. If so, then does it make much sense to target one particular race in this war on terror? the answer once again is a very complete no. If so then does it make much sense to target one particular group of people or country? The answer here is once again a very big no. That is where I think America is wrong. America often targets Muslims ignoring Christians, Jews, and other religious groups. Americans often target poor immigrants especially those from the Middle East and black African immigrants especially those darker in color with foreign accents. Americans don't consider the fact that there are fools in every society and that terrorists can come from their own backyard too.

Americans don't often consider the fact that there are white terrorists too. Americans often forget the fact that there are different forms of terrorism which can come from any level at all. There are economic terrorists and there are social terrorists. There are political terrorists and there are religious terrorists. There are terrorists at all levels yet Americans often focus on a selected few ignoring the greater part as if terrorism can come from only a selected group of people or level which I think is very wrong.

My great grandfather used to say "If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can never hurt you".