homosexualityAccording to my grandfather, "it doesn't make much sense differentiating between mother and baby snakes". Why? Because, a snake is a snake, and none of them shows mercy. In other words, evil is evil and must not be tolerated in any way or form. In Africa, "one does not follow the footprints in the water". Why? Because, "a log thrown into the water does not become a crocodile". Also, "too much roaming about deprived the male rat of its fat".

It is true Africa is the land of "mysteries" but what people, especially westerners, do not understand is the fact that, those mysteries are not mysteries to Africans. In other words, although they appear "mysteries" to those who do not know, they are nothing but treasures in stock to the average African. Africa is the land of culture and Africa is the land of traditions.

These have been with us since the beginning of time. No other continent compares to the riches of Africa when it comes to culture and traditions. What defines Africa therefore isn't just the land as it appears on the world map but the people living on the land together with their ways of life. In other words, Africa is Africa because of our culture and traditions -- something we can never do away with.

As it was in the beginning, so it is today and so it shall remain till thy kingdom come. Homosexuality remains and will forever remain a great taboo in Africa. Why? Because, in Africa, "Two male hippos do not stay in the same pond". Every wise man in Africa today knows the difference between pounded yam and faeces. In Africa, "faeces are just food for flies".

Although we preach against the attacks (both physical and verbal) on gay people in Africa today, we also preach against homosexuality as an act on the continent. Why? Because, homosexuality, just like several other bad behavioral choices people make in this life, attacks the very core of what makes us Africans. Homosexuality attacks our culture and traditions and reduces us to nothing but flies on faeces. I know in several western countries homosexuality has gained deeper roots to a point where homosexuality has become a normal part of everyday life. People in western countries have come to accept the "belief" that some people were born homosexuals. However, as I said earlier on, we Africans are not ready to accept homosexuality as part of everyday life and the reason is because, homosexuality goes against nature. Anything that goes against nature goes against life, and anything that goes against life is evil and must be destroyed.

Africa has come under high pressure from Western countries such as the United States. America and Co want all African countries to legalize homosexuality and allow homosexuals into our communities and everyday lives. America, France, and Co are threatening to cut foreign aid to any country in Africa that fails to legalize homosexuality. Somewhere last year, Ghana came under high pressure to legalize homosexuality but luckily for Ghana, the leaders of the country stood up tall on their feet and said NO. This year, Ghana has once again come under pressure from the United States and other western countries to legalize homosexuality.

Although we preach against it, it is beginning to gain roots in Africa today all thanks to western countries like the United States (and a very big 'thank you' to 'brother' Obama). Parents are afraid to send their children to go live in boarding houses (especially in high schools) and the reason is because, most of these children graduate from school gays. The spread of homosexuality is also creating several breeding grounds for pedophiles and perverts, pornography, etc. in Africa today. In other words, our young children are being sexually molested by pedophiles and perverts, who come mostly from western countries in the name of "tourism", while our culture and traditions are being destroyed right in our very faces. This is how some western countries (including the United States) continue to work very hard just to destroy the very core of what makes us Africans.

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Abaa Moses
The whole scene is, we as blacks or African for that matter, have sold our rich culture for material gains. it is not surprising that young folks nowadays are into this unwholesome behavior. the thing is, a rotten egg will always be a rotten egg. it is a pity to see a brother acting this abnormality, but the truth is , we sold our identity for riches. there is totally nothing we can do again. welcome to 21st century.
Tiffany Seidel
Traditional Marriage is best for society as a whole and it is God's rule, not man's rule we should follow! The gay and homosexual lifestyle is not healthy and it has no place in children's lives. A child needs both a Mom and a Dad. Homosexuality goes against Nature's Law and has created a lot more perversions. The gay lifestyle has many more health related problems besides just the AIDS/HIV which is primarily transmitted by homosexuality. The African people and culture is beautiful and admired by many in the West. Please resist the influence of the American sexualized culture for it has destroyed many families and more children grow up not having a "Mommy" and a "Daddy" in their lives. And for that, our children are not as whole as they once were in our society.
Brian Maobe
Africa is rich in culture and upholds great values that are good for human survival, just because those fellows have failed in upholding Godly values let them not turn to Africa. We have our own issues and challenges as Africans that we are handling that needs attention than those 'developments' of theirs. It is high time for us to rich up and to keep safe our rich culture that those people are envying for.
Homosexuality and/or bisexuality can be found in nature, for example look up female Japanese macaque monkeys who mate with other females, Laysan albatross, Bonobos (our close ancestors) and male flour beetles.
Quote :
The whole scene is, we as blacks or ...

This is not 'abnormal' behavior. It would be much more common if it was accepted as people wouldn't hide it. There are many species in nature that show homosexual tendencies too, for example the Bonobo (put close ancestor).

Homosexuality is normal in nature. There's even hermaphroditism (single sex, like snails) Most animals display homosexual behavior at one point or another. There is too much hatred and intolerance in declaring homosexuality unnatural and non-African. Bonobos, our closest relative, are African and a clear example of common homosexuality. Oppression is wrong in every context and if someone displays homosexual tendencies and the majority oppresses them, you are dealing with evil. Think of that when you discuss God and good. Hating was, is, and will always be ungodly.