Ki moon UNMost of us the poor people of the world think the United Nations is one great "united" organization of several nations who have come together for the common good. Most of us think the United Nations is one peace-loving organization whose main aim is peace and prosperity for all (especially the poor people of the world). Most of us the people of the world think without the United Nations, there would be more wars, conflicts and famine everywhere.

That was what we were taught and that is what some of us believe. Not so many of us know when, how, and why the United Nations as an organization came into being. Not so many of us know the fact that the United Nations is a world government (bigger government, smaller people) whereby the wicked rich make the rules for the good and the poor.

Not so many of us know the fact that the United Nations is a totalitarian system of rule whereby power is concentrated at the top leaving the poor and the weak at the bottom. The sad situation here is that, the poor and the weak at the bottom have no say at all in what goes on inside the government that rules and controls their lives. In other words, we the poor and the weak have no right at all to ask questions.We are being told to follow like Mary's little lambs.

As most of us know, the United States is one of the biggest partners/players of the United Nations. In fact, the United Nations cannot exist without the financial and structural support from the United States of America. Even the land the United Nations headquarters (the main headquarters in New York) is standing on right now, was purchased by the Rockefellers (Some of the Richest Americans of all time) and donated to the United Nations. John D. Rockefeller Jr. bought the 18 acre (7 ha) plot and donated it to the United Nations. And don't even think the Rockefellers did that because of their generosity towards humanity. The Rockefellers helped built the United Nations because the Rockefellers just like several other rich people and organizations (including major banks such as JP Morgan Chase) around the world at that time wanted a big one world government so they could easily control the financial systems of the entire world.

I was discussing the evil nature of some of these so-called good organizations with some of my colleagues some days ago and I wasn't surprised at all when some of them projected the image of the United Nations as God's own organization created by Jesus Christ to come save the world. Some of them did mention the several aid programs and assistances the United Nations has been rendering to save the poor miserable souls in some of the worst places on earth especially in the war-torn and famine-torn nations of Africa. Some did mention that without the United Nations, in fact, Africa would be no more considering the great job the United Nations has been doing to help calm unnecessary storms on the continent.

I cannot say the United Nations has done nothing good in Africa. However, according to my grandfather, "an empty hook protects the juicy fish". In other words, you must put some bait on that empty hook if you want to catch a juicy fish and that my friends, is how the United Nations operates. The United Nations wasn't and isn't a charity organization. The United Nations wasn't created to help the poor and the needy. The United Nations was created to serve the rich and the greedy countries around the world especially the United States.

The United Nations just like the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, etc. are all evil organizations created by the greedy rich to manipulate the lives of the poor and the innocent. The United Nations decided to abandon Rwanda during the Genocide of 1994 (in which close to a million people died). Why? Well, it is because there was no profit to be made in Rwanda.

Meanwhile, the United Nations was more than ready to sponsor some armed groups to go overthrow Gaddafi in Libya because Gaddafi's idea of a common currency for Africa (The Gold Dinar) would empower Africa and give Africa a greater say at the international market. The Big players benefit because now they are able to buy the rest of the world at very cheap prices all in the name of the "greater good". The poor will continue to be poor while the greedy rich continue to enjoy as long as we the miserable poor people of the world continue to ignore the evil nature of some of these so-called good organizations.

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Joe Mrnka
Many of us who call ourselves conservative in America were called crazy for saying that the UN is bad for the world. The UN is nothing more than the playground of the rich and connected that want to play God. Complete with their little UN army, UN bureaucrats and UN apologists. The rich apologists are quite happy to cover up the failures of the UN.
when I look at the current situation that Africa is at the moment i feel like crying because we are used as toilet papers every now and then. The powerful nations use the power they have to exploit us and to play with our minds. Yes, we can say we are free but only in theory not in practical conception. Every activity we do is always governed by those big countries as if we can't stand on our own. The UN uses its veto powers to design the kind of government we have yes, we choose leaders but do you the UN decides who should lead us that we are always crying about corruption which is indirectly induced by the big governments who govern us on every occasion. Very bad indeed...