police brutalityThe days of burning black people in public places in America may be over but it is still “hunting” season and the "hood" is on fire. It is the season of hunting and shooting to death innocent black people without even the “hunting permits”. It is a hunting season and even their dogs are worth more than a black person like me.

People often talk about Africa as if Africa is some hell-hole with bullets flying all day and night but to tell you the truth, my community in Africa is far safer than America. Some people think Africa burns non-stop like a war zone with mothers and babies running all day and night for cover. The truth however is that, Africa is home to some of the most peaceful countries on earth.

When it is hot in my community in Africa, we mostly sleep outside in the open on straw mats. We don’t even bother to lock our doors at night. Sometimes we even keep the doors open for fresh air to come in. Meanwhile in America, black people cannot even carry skittles (candy) and wear hoodies at night without some crazy white dude shooting at them in “self defense”.

The media always go to the very few conflict zones in Africa to film and they always portray Africa as nothing but hell. The truth however is that, most places in Africa are far safer than America not just for black people but for all racial groups. Yes we do have some conflict zones in Africa but my community is no conflict zone and I feel safe being black over here.

America goes about policing the rest of the world. America has army bases all over the world. America is the only country on earth that divides the world into military commands. In other words, America “baby sits” the rest of the world like Mary and her little lambs. Meanwhile, most of the men and women in uniforms in America today are nothing but criminals. Most of the men and women in the US armed forces are nothing but criminals. It appears the easiest way to get away with crimes in America today is to join the army, the police force, the navy, etc.

If George Bush who just signed and gave the authorization to go to war is a criminal, then what about the men and women in uniforms who looked directly into the teary eyes of those poor innocent Iraqi women and children and still dropped bombs upon bombs on their homes killing untold number of innocent people? Some may argue not all troops are criminals but the fact remains. Most of them are criminals and they get away with crimes because they are in uniforms. In the case of the police force, the men and women in uniforms are not in a war zone and yet what do we see?

I have been watching several documentaries about the police brutally in America and I’ve been watching several videos on youtube and other sources and I have come to the conclusion that America is without a doubt, one of the worst places to be black. In my poor country in Africa, no matter how poor I may be, I feel safe being black and it breaks my heart to see what our brothers and sisters in America have to go through every single day just because of the color of their skin. We do have some white people in Africa but I am yet to see such brutally towards them. Most westerners consider black Africans barbaric. Meanwhile, I am just as safe as the white lady walking on the street in my country in Africa. Can we say the same about America?

I just finished watching a very sad video about the shooting death of a 37 year old African American brother by name Alton Sterling. I don’t often cry but I cried a bit. Two “white” cops in uniforms pinned a fellow man to the ground, sat on him, and then put several bullets in his chest all because he was a black man. I have seen people die and I have seen bombs blast in some parts of Africa but I am yet to witness two men pin a fellow man to the ground putting several bullets in his chest while sitting on top of him. I am yet to witness such barbaric act in my community in Africa. I would expect that from Boko Haram members and other terrorist groups "why?" because they are confirmed animals who have lost their sense of reasoning. I never expected that at all from America of all nations.

Anytime such issues come up, people (especially white people) often pull out statistics and try to dampen the main issue. However, to tell you the truth, I don't even believe in those statistics. I personally believe most of these statistics are made-up the same way the media go to every length and breadth to paint Africa a hell-hole. Yes the statistics are made-up so as to portray black people as nothing but savages and it is sad so many people concentrate on those statistics rather than the reality. I am not saying there are no black on black crimes. Blacks attack blacks the same way whites attack whites.

However, there is no possible way you can convince me that black people commit far more barbaric crimes than whites in America. Let two men (one white, one black) commit similar misdeanors in America. The white man would go home scott-free while the black man spends time in jail. In other words, the black man becomes a statistic and adds up to the figures while the white man goes free. So at the end of the day the statistics reveal more blacks committing crimes than whites but is that the reality? Of course NOT. Even if the statistics are true and not made-up, they still don't reveal the reality and that is why those statistics make no sense at all to me in situations like this. I  am all for peace and prosperity. I don’t and I will never encourage crime no matter the circumstance. Whether black on black crimes, white on white crimes, black on white crimes, white on black crimes, etc., crime is crime and crime must stop. However, the truth must be said and those statistics don’t reveal the truth.

Before I end this post, I would like you to imagine a situation. Imagine those two crazy cops who shot Alton Sterling dead in "army" uniforms. Yes imagine those two monsters with several guns and bombs at their disposal. Imagine those two monsters patrolling Africa and the Middle East with several machine guns and bombs. What wouldn’t they do? Would they spare the life of even a 2-day old baby? That is the problem we face when American troops police Africa and the rest of the world.

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