black man paintingMy uncle takes away food straight from the mouths of hungry lions and he does so with neither gun nor spear but with courage, great determination, and wisdom. He is an expert in what he does. Not because he is wiser than the older ones surrounding him but because he is good and knows better what he does best.

Taking a kill away from the mouth of a male African lion is just like pointing a well-loaded gun very close to your head and placing a toddler's finger on the trigger. Not so many people are "dumb" enough to venture into such a dangerous business. But on the other hand, it is a huge mistake to refer to my uncle as dumb. My uncle ventures into this extremely scary business not to hurt those lions but to benefit from their existence and my uncle does so and makes it seem as easy as drinking water.

It may sound quite scary and crazy to most of you but my uncle feeds his hungry family with this technique, a technique he learned so well from my great grandfather. In a land where only powerful paws and majestic claws make kills, we humans with neither paws nor claws must look for other ways and means if we are to eat meat and that is what makes my uncle's scary technique such a life-saving technique. Once again, my uncle successfully carries out this scary technique of taking portions of lions kills not because my uncle is wiser than my other older relatives but because my uncle has specialized in this technique to the point where he executes it so successfully without errors.

We humans have come a long way and some of us have specialized in so many ways and forms. In fact, some of us are so greatly specialized to a point where we consider those activities and techniques we have specialized in, just part of everyday life. Specialization is great because without specialization, there is no evolution. Although wisdom helps a lot in specialization, specialization is not necessarily wisdom. In fact, wisdom and specialization are two separate things and it is sad at times when some of us make the mistake of using the two interchangeably.

Specializing in a life-saving technique just shows how great wisdom helps in specialization. However, it is a huge mistake to consider wisdom a requirement. In other words, wisdom only helps but is not necessarily a requirement as some of us think. Although the brain functions in all specializations, Wisdom plays no role in specializing in a technique that harms your brother. Wisdom plays no role in specializing in ways and techniques that harm poor innocent people. In fact, wisdom plays no role in hatred and greed. Wisdom plays no role in racism and wisdom plays no role in discrimination. In other words, no wise person is racist and no wise person discriminates against other human beings based on color, social/cultural background, religious views, etc. 

Now back to the main purpose of this article. Someone said to my face just a couple of days ago that black people are very dumb. When I asked why? He explained that, black people are so dumb and that is why white people took us for slaves and continue to manipulate our lives. I did not get offended not because I thought he was right. I did not get offended because, he (a white person) did not sound "intelligent" to me. If he was as smart and as intelligent as he thought he was, he should have known that the entire human race is dumb and not just black people.

Yes, black people are dumb. However, black people are as dumb as all other racial groups on earth. In other words, enslaving people and making fellow human beings suffer has nothing to do with wisdom. In fact, specializing in such evil activities just shows the dumber side of humans and has nothing to do with wisdom as I pointed out earlier on. So yes, black people are dumb but it is quite dumb to think white people are wiser than blacks for specializing in the evil act of enslaving fellow humans and putting several innocent souls in pain and misery for generations.

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