South-African-policemenIn South Africa today, butchers are above the law and they have the right to butcher not just goats and cows but also innocent human beings. The South African policemen and women in uniforms today are the butchers of life. In other parts of the world, "Police are friends". However, in South Africa, the policeman is your worst enemy.

Although South Africa appears to be the most advanced country in Africa today in terms of economic development and infrastructure, South Africa is also the most violent country in all of Africa and one of the most violent countries in the world today. It may surprise you to know that South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world today. South Africa has higher crime rates than even Somalia, Mali, and the other war-torn countries in Africa today.

In other words, South Africa the home of Nelson Mandela the father of peace is also a country full of criminals and it may surprise you to know that most of the criminals in South Africa today are in uniforms. The easiest way to get away with crimes in South Africa is to join the police force and so it is.

In South Africa today, the policemen and women in uniforms are above the law and they can do whatever stupid things come to their dirty minds. About 80% of the men and women in police uniforms who were supposed to be helping keep law and order are the same people breaking the law and creating unnecessary violence in South Africa today. In simple terms, about 80% of the men and women in the South African police force are nothing but criminals in uniforms killing and destroying precious innocent lives under the banner of the police force.

This may sound so weird and absurd to some of you but that is the truth and this is the situation in South Africa today. The policemen and women of the law enforcement branch of government continue to shoot and kill innocent people all day and night and most of these cases go unnoticed why because the police force buries such cases so as to keep their so-called gorgeous reputation.

It is true the Kenyan police force is the most corrupt of them all when it comes to collecting bribes. It is also true the Nigerian policemen and women in uniforms feel no shame at all in collecting bribes from even tiny little school boys and girls. However, compared to the monsters in uniforms called policemen and women in South Africa today, those corrupt Kenyan police and the shameless Nigerian policemen and women in uniforms are saints. In short, the South African Police force is full of nothing but monsters in uniforms. They sponsor criminals to harm the poor and the innocent in South Africa.

Just a few days ago an innocent taxi driver was tied to the back of a police van and dragged to death in broad day light by some South African policemen in uniforms. Somewhere in August last year, more than 34 innocent miners were bullet-sprayed to death by some South African policemen and women in uniforms. Although some of these stories are so disturbing to even read, these stories and many more are just everyday stories in South Africa today.

Do we need such monsters in Africa? The answer is No we don't need such monsters in Africa. If so then what should we do with these monsters in our society? The answer is quite simple. Let us get rid of them all. Let us fight back. They fight with bullets but we can fight them with our brains. Such monsters do not deserve to live in our societies.

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Jay Contreras
Sounds just like the US. The most criminally insane reprobates are more than likely to gravitate towards 'law enforcement'. And another similarity: the US and S. Africa, along with Apartheid Israel, all operate under state-sponsored & organized brutal and terrorist tactics to keep the designated 'kaffir/nigger/palestinian' in line. I'm sure the same can be said of that other penal colony, Australia in relation to the aborigines.