life africaWhether good or bad, Africa is my home and there is no place like home. I love Africa because there is no place like Africa. Even in my second life (if I get the opportunity), I will choose Africa because I love Africa and there is no doubt Africa loves me. Some people don't understand. Some people think they know but they do not know. Some people think they know all about Africa but the truth is that, none of them knows Africa the way I do. I know Africa and Africa knows me.

I was born in Africa, I grew up in Africa and Africa is my home so you must believe me if I tell you there is no place like Africa. If it is true there is a God up there beyond the clouds then I am very sure that God is an African. Why? Because Africa is the rhythm of life. Africa is that mighty tree of ancient origin rooted in mountains of gold and silver. Africa is that mighty stream. Africa is that stream of life. Africa is that mighty stream full of untold number of souls. Africa is that bird. Africa is that quiet but mighty bird. Africa is that quiet bird with the voice of thunder. Africa is that mighty bird with the wings of gold and diamond feathers. Anytime Africa spreads her precious wings of different colors, even the beasts below the surface of the earth, smile. Africa is my home and there is no place like Africa.

It is very true my great-great grandfather did not build an airplane but what people do not understand is that, my great-great grandfather did not need an airplane to fly.

It is very true my great-great grandmother could not write her story in a book but what people do not understand is that, my great-great grandmother was able to carve her story on a mountain that does not move. If you see my uncle walking on the Kalahari desert with no shirt and no shoes on, don't just conclude he is dumb. My uncle chases away wild beasts with his bare hands and it takes great courage and wisdom to do that. If you live in New York City, don't just conclude my uncle in the jungle is a fool because no fool survives in a jungle full of wild animals.

Some people think Mama Africa is an illiterate but what Mama Africa knows, the world can never know even half. If you steal from Mama Africa's backyard and she doesn't chase you away with a gun, don't just conclude Mama Africa is blind. The eyes of Mama Africa shines like the Sun and she sees all things. Mama Africa doesn't judge. Instead, she leaves all things to He who knows how to judge. Once again, I love Africa because Africa is my home and there is no place like home.

Anywhere you hear "poverty", you hear "Africa". There is poverty in Africa today. There is no doubt about it. My great great grandfather had food in abundance and he had enough to drink. My great great grandmother had enough to give her grandchildren anytime they asked for something to eat. My great great grandfather had enough gold and precious minerals to decorate his throne and my great great grandmother had a palanquin full of edible fruits. There was plenty in Africa but plenty has been taken away leaving Mama Africa with very little to give her beloved children anytime they ask for something to eat. The only problem with Mama Africa is that, she opens her arms all the time. Mama Africa opens her arms and welcomes every stranger thinking all men are the same not knowing some men are worse than death.They come with sweet tongues and friendly faces but wicked minds and charcoal hearts. Some do not understand but instead of taking time to understand, they rush into conclusions.

There is poverty in Africa but why is there poverty in Africa? There is hunger in Africa but why is there hunger in Africa? You took away the piece of bread I had in my hands by force and now you are trying to feed me with expired biscuit and diluted fanta because I have nothing left to eat knowing very well that expired biscuit does me no good. Is it fair? You break my home into pieces then come back later on to teach me "Unity is Strength". Do you expect me to love you? If unity is strength as your good book says then why break my home into pieces? You take away my eyes and come back later on with a walking stick for me. Do you expect me to thank you for the walking stick? Some people think they know but they do not know. Some people think they understand but they do not understand. Some people are very bad but they don't even know the fact that they are bad which is very sad.

Many Issues need to be addressed. Many problems need to be solved. It is time we come together as one people with a common destiny.


Education and by Education I mean good education is the key to solving most of our problems. Why should I worry myself learning about Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson when I don't even know about Kwame Nkrumah and Nelson Mandela?. Education in some parts of Africa is very poor not just because of poverty but because of the unnecessary things they teach us. My teacher was busy teaching me how to draw an American map when I didn't even know how to draw an African map. It is time we start learning the most important things first. Instead of wasting precious time learning American history, we could be learning about agriculture and proper ways of growing crops and rearing animals. Agriculture unlike American history benefits Africa directly and that is what we need to be studying not American history in Africa. There are many important things in this world but some are more important than others and we must do the most important things first. We learn so many unnecessary things in school instead of concentrating on the most important things.


Yes it is true at times we blame the western world for no good reasons at all. We are the cause of almost all our problems and so it makes little to no sense at all to blame the western world for the problems we face today in Africa. However, that is not to say we shouldn't talk about the western powers and their evil deeds in Africa. The western world pretends to help but in reality, the western world only knows how to destroy Africa. The western world has done nothing but great harm to Africa. Our sorrows serve as melodies for their "Amazing grace". They benefit from our pains. They benefit from our tears and sorrows. They pretend to help but that is just one of the ways the wicked one deceives people. It is time we start thinking for ourselves instead of allowing the west to think for us all the time. The west has nothing good to think about Africa besides "lets go there and make more profit". They encourage the planting of trees in their various countries but come in record numbers to Africa to cut down all our trees for timber. The gold belongs to me but the west determines the market price of my gold. The diamond belongs to us yet the west determines the price of our diamond. It is time we start depending on ourselves instead of depending on the west because the western world has nothing good to offer Africa. They know "Unity is strength" and that is why they keep dividing Africa so they can control and manipulate us all the time.

The West destroys and then pretends to help rebuild very similar to the way the devil steals and destroys. They ensure that only wicked people win elections in Africa. The west benefits from our wicked and greedy leaders so they always use money and influence to help the wicked ones win elections in Africa and that is why most of our leaders in Africa today are very corrupt and greedy. The west wouldn't be able to benefit from our sweat and pains if Africa had great leaders who do not depend on the west but on Africa and Africans. Yes we live in a global community and we cannot do away with the rest of the world. I am not saying we should do away with the west completely but we should do away with their interference. We shouldn't allow the west to decide for us all the time because the west has nothing good to offer Africa.


There is no doubt our leaders are very greedy, corrupt, and wicked-minded people. We do not elect bad leaders in Africa. Instead, the west elects these corrupt people to rule Africa so the west can benefit from our sweat and pains. When the west elects these greedy leaders for us, sometimes we revolt and then the west sends NATO troops, etc. to intervene as if they are helping. That is why you often hear political violence in Africa. The west referred to Mandela as a monster but as we all know, Mandela was a freedom fighter who did not give in to the western influence. They offered Mandela money but he rejected it. They offered Mandela paradise but he rejected it. Nelson Mandela was always a leader and never a boss. Mandela loved Africa.

I cannot say the same about the other leaders in Africa because they are all corrupt and wicked-minded. More than 500,000 innocent people were murdered in Darfur and Omar Al-Bashir of North Sudan sponsored most of the killings yet remains president. Some people loved Gaddafi so much even in death just because Gaddafi was anti-west. However, some people forget the fact that being an anti-west is not always good enough. Some people considered Gaddafi one of the best head of states in Africa just because Gaddafi was anti-west forgetting the fact that being an anti-west sometimes benefits only the leader in power and not the poor African. Gaddafi was anti-west but also a "snake under grass". Mugabe is an anti-west but also a "shinning" monster. Mugabe took away productive farming lands from the white farmers but what did he do with those lands? Mugabe gave those lands to his immediate relatives and friends while the poor farmer had no land at all to farm on. He took away farming lands but failed to cultivate the land.

Zimbabwe which used to be one of the most prosperous countries in all of Africa, is now one of the poorest with perhaps the worst economy ever. Mugabe continues to blame all his failures on western sanctions which makes absolutely no sense at all. Meanwhile, several people continue to hail Mugabe as a hero. Dictators like Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea, Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola, Paul Biya of Cameroon, King Swati III of Swaziland and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda have all been in power for decades yet their various countries continue to wallow in poverty. We allow this "old cargo" leadership to exist in our various countries yet expect positive change and prosperity.This is life in Africa.

Afex Alpha
#1 Afex Alpha
Africa being ruled by the west and this is because every leader who is in power is being commanded by the west. They come in and steal our resources and leave us in destitute just like the devil does to disturb the people of God. Now isn't the time to close our eyes but time to act wisely. Africa is my motherland. I'll forever love Africa. Great article. Stay blessed.
Michael Mehari Asfha
#2 Michael Mehari Asfha
Thank you. I agree with you. No other place can be the same or better than Africa. I love my homeland. I miss her people, animals, mountains, rivers, etc. By this essay, you make me fly in my idea to mother Africa. Thanks again buddy.
Ronie Calegan Lagutan
#3 Ronie Calegan Lagutan
I really can't help but to take a deep sigh. I am so touched with what you have revealed. I am an English teacher here in the Philippines and right now, we are studying African literature especially the ones written by David Diop, Roland Dempster and Tagore...there we've learned the culture and the living conditions of are indeed so rich in culture but underestimated, humiliated and discriminated once mixed with white races. I am telling my students not to be judgmental and never make physical appearance and living conditions as bases in condemning people..we adore Africa, we love Africans, and we respect you guys! VIVA AFRICA! GOD IS ALWAYS WITH YOU...
Tanya Tammaya Taylor
#4 Tanya Tammaya Taylor
We have much more access to information than ever before and wonderful articles like these, that we Africans and African descendants can truly learn from our past in order to create a better future. We must learn to turn to ourselves for the answers that we need to great a better society for us. Looking to the west and receiving their "aid" has shown over time to weaken and continue to destroy. Western culture is destructive and based on selfish self seeking and self appraisal rather than family and unity. Each society and culture must decide their path and way for themselves based on their own history, culture, values and spirituality. God did not make all the roses red, the West should stop trying to enforce a single doctrine on all the people of the world to make us all weak and blind to their destructive greed. Strength to Africa and all descents of Africa and all other cultures striving to free themselves from western indoctrination.
#5 Tami
When I hear certain misconceptions about African countries, I almost reply but I don't because of how common they are. You would see a comment on a social media platform about how Africa is literally like the jungle, or how NO ONE in Africa has food or anything like that. Yes it's a problem, and some countries have it worse than others, but don't all countries have particular issues that need to be fixed. Even the developed countries still have their level of poverty. Their are so many falsehoods being spread, and it bugs me but probably not as much as it should.
Conclusion: Africa is not a country, it's a continent, meaning it has different countries having different problems. Love from Nigeria.
#6 Anazaya
My friend and I moved to america around 1 year ago from Nigeria. There're a lot of different things here. It's not like home but me and my friend are doing good. I wish I was home
Diane Mathis
#7 Diane Mathis
I have never been to Africa, but I would love to visit one day. I have always want it to. I am a black American. But my heart have always were drawn to Africa. Now I know the African people, do not like for us, to call our selves African American. Because all of didn't come from Africa, some of us was already here with the Indians. We were slaves to them first. And then we start mixing with them. The Indians were here first , way before Columbus even came to America. I have always had love for Africa, and I always will. I would love to live there some day. When Lord Jesus come back I hope I get to see it then. All of us will be together.