Madiba-94Those who know cannot shy away from the truth. Those who do not know can only judge this good man based on what they do not know. No he is not gone. He is "still there". It is true Mandela is not going to live forever but the good news is that, Mandela is going to be with us forever. In Africa, good people just go to sleep. Good people never die and Mandela without a doubt was and still is a very good man and I strongly believe Mandela will be with us forever. He may go to sleep but he will wake up again when the time is right.

The whole world continues to pray for this one man why because the majority has come to see the goodness in this one man. No he is not a saint. He is just a human being but a very good human being. He brings out the goodness in humanity in a very transparent way even in this cruel world.

 It is not just black people who love this man. Some White people (especially white South Africans) who know the truth, love this man more than even black people including black South Africans.Mandela did not fight for just black people and Mandela did not fight for just white people. Mandela fought injustice even in the face of death. Mandela fought oppression and discrimination even at the point of death. Yes that is why those who know the truth cannot shy away. I have been reading some articles online recently about Mandela and it is not quite surprising to me at all to read some white people around the world hate Mandela so much with passion. They claim they know so much about his man but the sad truth is that, they do not know. Some even claim Mandela was a terrorist and deserve nothing but death why because Mandela started his journey quite aggressively.

That is why I say they do not know. I would have done worse if I were there to see my people suffer the way apartheid treated black South Africans in our own land and I would never forgive any white South African after spending 27 years in jail. You butchered his people in broad day light and oppressed the innocent all day and night and you expected him to just smile and bow down to you? That is why I say those white people who refer to Mandela as a terrorist are nothing but just a bunch of ignorant fools. You made him a prisoner in his own land and locked him up for 27 good years yet he came out not with a heart of stone. You treated him like a nobody and reduced a fully grown man just to a prison number for 27 years yet he came out with a forgiving heart and made peace with YOU the enemies and you still have the guts to refer to him as a terrorist? That is why I say those white people who refer to Mandela as a terrorist are just nothing but some racist bunch of ignorant fools.

Mandela is almost 95 years old so it is not quite surprising to see him in a hospital. We are just mortal beings and none of us have the right to escape the laws of nature. We will all be there (where Mandela is right now) someday and that is why it makes sense as a human being to feel the pains of a fellow human being who is already there. It is quite sad to read some of the garbage that comes out of the minds of people especially in the media (take CNN for example). Some talk as if they own life which is quite sad.

Nelson Mandela is not gone yet but what if the great Madiba goes to sleep tonight and forgets to wake up on time? Can the racist South Africa survive without this man of peace? Can South Africa progress without his inspiration? Can this cruel and racist world remain any good without all the good inspiration we get from this extraordinary human being? What would be our fate once the great Madiba has gone? These are some of the questions we need to answer now that he is still alive. I always pray God continues to keep Mandela alive for us because this crazy world needs his inspiration. I pray God gives him good health and long live so we all can continue to benefit from this good man.

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