eritrean migrant israelTears of Africans flow like mighty streams in the "holy land". The blood of Africa weeps all day and night in the "promised land". Women are beaten and stripped naked and men are reduced to nothing but stray dogs. Little children are looked at with scornful eyes and sometimes kicked right in the face. This is life in God's "holy land".

Africans living in Israel today are the sacrificial lambs whose blood must atone for the sins of the multitude. Africans living in Israel today are the officially chosen scapegoats who get blamed for even the things they know nothing about. It is so bad to the point where even some Rabbis blame African immigrants for their unanswered prayers.

It may surprise you to know that Israel continues to forcibly give African immigrants birth control injections. Yes, African women immigrating to Israel are subjected to mandatory contraceptive injections, effectively amounting to forced sterilization.

Black Africans living in Israel today are treated like dogs. The humiliation is so bad to the point where some are stripped naked in public places and several others butchered often in the dark. Yes, it is true Adolf Hitler was a monster but it may surprise you to know that some Jews of today are several times worse than Adolf Hitler.

America is America because of poor third world countries. Our natural resources continue to feed their greedy rich corporations and those greedy rich corporations are often run by some greedy Jews who continue to feed by sending bloody "manna" to their fellow Jews on the desert. In other words, Israel or the so-called "promised Land" benefits from our sweat and pain.

Every year, Israel as a nation receives more in aid from America than the entire continent of Africa (about 55 different countries) combined. Some will argue the "economic" aid to Israel ended in 2007 (because cnn says so) forgetting that some greedy Jews run almost all the major media outlets in America today and publish only selected news in favor of their evil agenda.

In other words, without third world resources and the hardworking American tax-payer, Israel could not even have existed as a functioning nation. Without the greedy rich corporations, the outsourcing of developing nations and the billions of dollars in aid, Israel would be far worse than most poor nations in the world today. Despite the poor leadership and corruption in some African countries today, if any African country should receive even half of the aid that Israel receives each and every year from America, that country would be far better of than Israel.

Some Israelis hate Africans more than even the demons in their holy book. Some Israelis hate Africans so much so that they feel like throwing up when they come across an African immigrant on the streets. And that is not because Africans have offended Israelis in anyway. It is just because, some Africans, after running away from war, famine and political violence, ended up in Israel and are also breathing the same air Israelis breathe. A cup of water in Israel if you are an African, kills faster than hunger and thirst combined.

There is nothing wrong with protecting one's borders from intruders including illegal immigrants. However, there is a huge difference between everyday illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. There is a huge difference between illegal immigrants and refugees. That is the main reason why almost every country on earth has rules and regulations protecting asylum seekers and refugee rights. Nobody enjoys being a refugee in another country but sometimes there seems to be no other choice than to become a refugee. Even Israelis were refugees just a few decades ago and I did not expect a country like Israel to treat innocent refugees as if they are animals after all that they (Israelis) went through as refugees themselves. 

To some Israelis in Tel Aviv and other major cities, a poor African like me deserves nothing but death just for being an African living on their "promised land". Some Israelis behave as if they own even the air African immigrants breathe in Israel which is very sad. 

The first time I read about the Holocaust, I felt very sad for the innocent people who lost their lives due to no fault of theirs. I could only imagine tiny little babies being butchered like animals all because of their identity. We are all humans and we all feel pain.

Yes, we all know Adolf Hitler was a monster and there is no doubt about it. But what about the Jews/Zionists of today? Hitler was a monster and butchered so many innocent souls the same way the Zionists of today continue to butcher so many innocent Palestinians and poor Africans. I can go on and on.

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Udegbe Elvis Onyeanwuna
Jews never had anything but bile in them. It is so unfortunate that we Africans are always at the receiving end of everybody's bullshit just because our leaders are so dumb, and we cannot manage our issues. So unfortunate.
Asad Malik
Despite the fact that Blacks are the original Jews, the Jewish state of Israel is now under the control of an anti-Black Zionist regime. This is just further proof that Africa is the only home that Africans can trust!
Yes, they are very racist. Yahude torturing Africans in prison located in dessert the level of their contempt for Africans is inexpressible.