sexual abuse childrenSome of the peacekeepers sent to Africa often take advantage of poor local communities and in some cases, sexually abuse young boys and girls. They come in as angels but end up taking advantage of our pains and sorrows. They take advantage of our fragile conditions and exploit us for personal gains and they do all these and many more in uniforms. They are "helping" us so who are we to complain? They seal our mouths shut with threats and sometimes put us to silence with bullets. 

Yes they rape Africa’s children some as young as 8 and they do so in uniforms sometimes with their names boldly written on their chests and some even end up with medals of honor. Those who see these barbaric activities are often afraid to speak out and even if they do, who will believe them?

And so the story continues but in silent dreams; dreams full of several “hows” and “whys”.

Not all peacekeepers sent to Africa are evil. Some are very good people who put their lives in danger to save the lives of innocent people and we thank them very much for their love and sacrifice. We have no peacekeeping force in Africa. We have no soldiers and no police. We only have paid criminals and tools in uniforms. We have animals that will do anything just to satisfy their bestial instincts. We have witnessed it several times and we would not be surprised at all if it came from our sold-called policemen and soldiers in Africa. That would only confirm what we already know. They are trained criminals and so we wouldn’t be surprised. We are surprised and very sad at the same time because this time around, it is coming from those we considered professionals and angels of peace. This time around, it is coming from the west. Some of the foreign troops sent to Africa from countries like France, end up raping Africa’s orphaned children.

I have written several articles about this issue in the past but sadly, most people considered them mere fabrications. We thank God that it is now in the news and people are beginning to take it serious. People are beginning to take it serious because this time around, the leak came from their own source. A United Nation’s worker who had had enough decided to let it all out in the Guardian Newspaper. Unfortunately though, this UN worker was suspended for telling the truth because for some, it is a big disgrace and they would rather keep it a secret.

Some members of the French peacekeeping force sent to the Central African Republic in 2013 and early 2014 during the worst period of the crisis (in CAR), ended up raping more than 100 children. Some of the children and their parents later came out and spoke against this abuse but their tiny voices were never heard. The French government said it was doing an investigation into the issue but up till now, there has been no official report on the issue.

Many children were left orphans during the worst periods of the crisis and ended up in desolate camps on their own in search of food and water just to survive. At the Bangui airport for example, some French troops took advantage of this sad situation and raped several of those hungry children in exchange for food. According to one of the camp residents, “the children were vulnerable because they were hungry and their parents had nothing to give them, so the children were forced to ask the soldiers for food”. In exchange for cookies and bottles of water, the French troops repeatedly sexually abused those poor hungry children.

Although the world is now getting to know the story, this has been going on for quite a long time. It is not just French troops. Troops from several other western countries who come to Africa as peacekeepers, often end up taking advantage of poor local communities and in some cases, sexually abuse poor innocent children.

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