Ban-Ki-MoonNo I am not calling for jungle justice and I am not calling for war. I am just calling for answers. Nobody deserves to die in extreme poverty and hunger. The world we live in today is not that poor as the media portray it to be. Without greed and pure wickedness, there would be enough food for every living soul. Without greed and wickedness, every child would be in school and every child would be a happy child. Without greed and pure wickedness, no Grandma would see her beloved grandchildren die in pain and in sorrow for no fault of theirs.

Yes life is beautiful but don't forget we live in a very wicked world. The heart of man is desperately wicked and that is why we continue to suffer in the world today.

There cannot be peace in a land where the wicked is king and there cannot be understanding in a land where the selfish reigns supreme. 

Nobody deserves to be treated like a sub-specie in a world given to us all freely by our maker. There is something very wrong somewhere that we need to fix and we need to do so now.

The longer we continue to wait, the more we condemn to death our children and grandchildren. The longer we continue to wait, the more we condemn to death the aged, the innocent, and the sick who cannot fight. We who can run will run but what about those who cannot run? The longer we stay in silence, the more we condemn to death such poor innocent souls. The time has come for us all to stand up and say enough is enough!

The rich get richer while innocent people continue to die in absolute poverty and hunger. Africa has all it takes to be the greatest continent in terms of fighting poverty and hunger. Africa has all it takes to be the best society to live in. yet what do we see? The very few corrupt and wicked-minded politicians continue to tear the continent into pieces. They continue to enjoy why the innocent continue to die. I love peace and understanding. Peace breeds understanding and understanding breeds progress. Progress is what Africa needs the most so there is no doubt the very few good Africans love and cherish peace more than anything else. I love and cherish peace too. Yes it is true violence brings destruction. However, sometimes I think we fail to distinguish between the different forms of violence. In my opinion, there cannot be absolute peace and prosperity in Africa without some "holy" violence why because peaceful talks are always nonsense talks to the ears of a greedy monster.

Look at what happened in Egypt. It is a huge mistake to consider what happened in Egypt just violence without the "holy". Mubarak was in office for more than 3 decades and considered Egypt part of his inheritance and nobody could remove Mubarak with just peaceful talks inside closed doors. But where is Mubarak today after the decades of brutal reign? Mubarak is gone and democracy is beginning to gain roots in Egypt. Some may consider it a "democrazy" but the good thing is that, at least the world got to hear the voices of the poor Egyptians.

In a country like Zimbabwe for example, innocent people continue to die in record numbers from extreme poverty, hunger, corruption, failed government policies, etc. but the very sad part is that, these poor innocent Zimbabweans don't even have the voice to cry out for help or even to make their voices heard by the outside world. Robert Mugabe considers such acts heresy punishable by death according to his book of wisdom. Only those who know nothing about Africa considers Mugabe a hero. Mugabe has been in office for more than 3 decades deceiving the poor, enriching himself, and brutalizing all oppositions in the dark. Mugabe has been in office for over 3 decades yet Zimbabwe remains one of the poorest countries in all of Africa. Is this the mark of a good leader?

Nelson Mandela was able to lead South Africa into a democratic and prosperous society. What has Mugabe been able to achieve? Mugabe drove the White farmers away from Zimbabwe and took away their lands and properties but what did he do with those lands and properties? Mugabe gave those lands and properties to his immediate friends and relatives while the poor farmer had no land at all to farm on. Now Mugabe has all the farming lands he needs yet people continue to die in extreme poverty and hunger in Zimbabwe today. Is this the mark of a good leader? The poor Zimbabweans are afraid to revolt not because they love what Mugabe is doing to them but because they know what Mugabe will do to them in case such attempts fail. This is just an example of how some greedy monsters remain in power for decades upon decades without any opposition in Africa.

Take Equatorial Guinea for example. Equatorial Guinea is a very small country but one of the most oil rich countries in all of Africa. Considering the population of Equatorial Guinea and the revenues coming in from the sales of the oil and other natural resources, one may think the living conditions of the average Equatorial Guineans would be far better than in countries such as Burkina Faso but the truth is that, despite the huge revenue coming in, Equatorial Guinea remains one of the poorest countries in all of Africa. One may ask, where then does the money go? The simple answer is that, the money from the sales of oil and other natural resources in Equatorial Guinea go into local and private bank accounts of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo the so-called president of Equatorial Guinea and those of his "over-the-top" spending machine of a son Teodorin who owns several estates around the world and continues to spend millions upon millions of dollars on foreign prostitutes. This monster of a president Teodoro Obiang has been in office since 1979 brutalizing all oppositions and enriching himself while about 70% of the total population of Equatorial Guinea continues to wallow and die in absolute poverty.

The point I am trying to make here is that, there is no way such a monster will go in peace and that, if the poor Equatorial Guineans do not stand up on their feet and revolt, this monster will continue terrorizing the country till his death and even after his death, his extremely corrupt and spoilt son will take over which means the trouble continues even into the next generation. This is the number one problem facing Africa today and that is why I think it is time we all come together as one people with a common destiny and fight these monsters amongst us.

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Jerry Monarch A
We are not ignorant of the happenings in the Africa continent. A people rich in culture and endowed with riches now happens to be a land of acute shortage and poverty on account on leadership deficit. The young educated needs to wake up to this call. I strongly agree that if we do not take the stand now, our children will not have a place to call their own.