Kenyan ladyThe sun shines brighter in Africa than anywhere else on earth. Unlike the birds else where I know of, the tiny little birds in Africa sing nothing but beautiful songs. The tiny little baby monkeys in Africa dance and swing their tiny narrow tails more beautifully In Africa than in anywhere else on earth. Even the tiny little owls with crooked voices sing nothing but beautiful melodies in Africa. Africa is life and life is beautiful.

The patience of mother Africa is so great that at times I wonder if God is an African. Some people take her patience for granted. Some even abuse her children and keep them in the dark which is very sad. It is very sad but I know at the end of the day we all shall see the light. Africa has remained in the dark for quite a long time.

Africa has suffered from lack of truth for quite a long time. Africa has suffered from oppression and discrimination for quite a long time. Sometimes the western world considers Africa a black market square where they come in their numbers to sell their filthy goods and services and then pretend they are helping.

Every single day brings new challenges in Africa. Every blessed day brings with it new stories. Just like every single day brings with it new ideas and hopes, so does every single year. Just like every season brings with it new things, so does every New Year. To some the world ends 2012. The Mayan calendar and even some scientific evidence show the world may end 2012. Some have predicted and some are still predicting the world may see the worse in 2012.

The good news however is that, most Africans I know of including myself, believe the otherwise. The good news is that, most Africans today believe good things and more good things are yet to come and that 2012 is the year of peace and prosperity. The separate states are coming together. Even the illogical brains are getting some repairs. Africa is awakening and people are seeing the light. 2012 is the year of a United Africa. 2012 is the year of the blessed mother Africa.

It is true these past couple of years have not been fair to Africa at all. It is true these past couple of years have treated mother Africa like a product but the good thing is that, every season has an end. It has been a very bad season for mother Africa but every season has an end and the end has come for yet another major season.

It is a new year, the happiest day in the year. Everybody is happy. Some are drinking the old year away. Some are singing their pains and sorrows away. Some are dancing away their bad lucks. Just like in America and other western countries, New Year day is the happiest day in Africa and all Africans celebrate New Year in the best possible ways. Unlike drinking and partying all day long on the streets like in most western countries, most Africans prefer welcoming the new year in churches and mosques and other places of worship where they sing, dance and enjoy all day long.

In other words, churches, mosques and other places of worship turn in party houses come New Year's day. Not everyone though prefers places of worship on New Year's day. Some prefer going to the beach. Some prefer partying on the streets with friends and love ones while others just prefer having their peace of mind by enjoying some cool breeze under the mango trees.

Why is the New Year so special to Africans? According to most Africans, every New Year brings new hopes. New Year brings new dreams and New Year brings nothing but plenty good things.


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