Uganda-gay-lawAccording to my grandfather, we don't have the right to do all things as some people claim. We only have the right to do all good things. The question however is, what are good things and how do we know for sure those things are good? The answer lies within us all. We don't need any holy book to teach us and we don't need any messenger to tell us what to do.

We all know the answer because our maker (or even evolution) did not deceive us at all. In fact, our maker gave us that power of "distinguishing" so as for us to distinguish between right and wrong naturally without any difficulty.

In other words, we all know naturally the difference between right and wrong and we all know naturally, what is good and what is bad.

If so, then why do some people do bad things knowing very well what they are doing is bad?According to my grandfather, the true human nature is good but it is prone to corruptions and that for someone to do evil knowing very well what they are doing is evil doesn't come from the true human nature but rather from those corruptions.

No constitution can uphold human rights. Only humans can uphold human rights why because human rights are natural rights within the hearts and minds of all humans. Human rights are natural rights given to us by our maker and not by any constitution. The purpose for writing constitutions therefore should be to serve as a reminder of those inner rights in all of us.

We all know a thing or two about homosexuality as an act so I don't want to waste your time defining homosexuality. The question however is, is homosexuality one of those "corruptions" in human nature? In other words, does homosexuality corrupt the true human nature? If so, then what makes homosexuality one of those corruptions and how can we say for sure it is bad rather than good? Homosexuality has been a "taboo" since the beginning of time. Homosexuality has been a taboo generations upon generations and so no wonder homosexuality remains a great taboo in Africa and other parts of the world today. In fact, homosexuality was a criminal act and homosexuals were persecuted in Europe not long ago. In other words, it makes perfect sense to refer to homosexuality as "unnatural" and that could explain why it was/is never accepted by most societies.

Is homosexuality the only "corruption" we can think of? And if not then why do we single out homosexuality and spend entire days and months discussing it rather than focusing on some other issues? Yes, it makes sense to refer to homosexuality as one of those "corruptions" in human nature but what about those corrupt politicians? What about those murderers? What about those armed robbers? What about those thieves called pastors and prophets of God who keep deceiving innocent people all across the continent? Even if homosexuality is one of those "corruptions", aren't our corrupt politicians worse than homosexuals? Aren't armed robbers, pedophiles, murderers, fake prophets, etc. worse than homosexuals? If so, then why should we beat and stone homosexuals to death while those greedy bastards continue to roam about freely? Why should we stone homosexuals to death while those corrupt politicians roam freely? If so, then why should we allow those corrupt bastards called politicians to write laws purposely to brutalize homosexuals while they (the corrupt politicians) roam freely?

These are some of the questions many fail to answer before condemning homosexuals to death. Homosexuality is illegal in more than 37 countries in Africa today. In Uganda, a new bill is underway. Homosexuals can get anywhere from several decades to even life imprisonment. According to the new bill underway in Uganda (update: President Yoweri has signed the Bill into law), subsequent offenders may even get the death penalty just for being gay. President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria just signed a new anti-gay bill into law in Nigeria and according to the new law, any homosexual caught can get anywhere from 10 to 14 years in jail. It may however surprise you to know that most of our politicians in Africa today are homosexuals and even pedophiles themselves. Most of the so-called politicians and pastors in Uganda today are all nothing but pedophiles living double lives. Yet we allow these bastards to encourage us to stone our own brothers and sisters to death just for being homosexuals. There is something very wrong somewhere and I think we all need to wake up to reality.

I am not a homosexual and I don't support homosexuality as an act. However, does it make much sense to stone our own brothers and sisters to death just for being homosexuals? Does it make sense at all for any pastor or man of God to preach encouraging people to stone gay people to death? Does it make sense at all for any politician to declare war on gay people on national TV? It is a very sad situation in Africa today. Gay people are being hunted down like wild animals.

Pastors who were supposed to be voices of reason have all turned into some deceptive money-making killing machines spreading hatred all across the continent like wild fire encouraging people to brutalize homosexuals. Brutalizing homosexuals for some easy political points is the order of the day amongst those corrupt and greedy bastards called politicians in Africa today.

It is very sad how we allow those greedy bastards called politicians to deviate our attention from the more pressing issues facing Africa today. Instead of focusing on more pressing issues like poverty, hunger, HIV/AIDS, etc., our politicians spend all their time writing laws and modifying constitutions just to punish gay people. It is time we all wake up and start thinking.


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