ghanafanAfrica loves soccer. We eat and sleep soccer. Soccer is in our blood and it is a game everybody loves. In Africa, soccer brings people together. We can make soccer balls from almost anything round and smooth and we can play soccer even under the ocean. Unlike the outside world, we don't even need shoes to play soccer. We can play soccer even bare-footed. Unlike the outside world, soccer isn't just another profession. Soccer is a "game" in Africa and we love it. It is yet another world cup and Africa is already in Brazil to compete against the world's finest.

Can Africa make history? Africa's best 5 Cameroon, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Ghana are already in Brazil competing against the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, Cameroon just lost their first match to Mexico. Africa's soccer giants Ivory Coast play Japan on Saturday. The Super Eagles of Nigeria play Iran on Monday. Ghana (Africa's favorite) was drawn into "The group of death" which is perhaps the toughest group ever with the powerhouse Germany, CR7's Portugal and the very determined USA. Ghana plays the USA on Monday. Although Africa wins the cup at the junior level, Africa has never won the world cup at the senior level. Can all that change in Brazil?


Despite being in the toughest group (Group G), the Black Stars of Ghana are very determined to make Africa proud once again. Although Germany are the favorites in Group G, a possible win over USA and a draw with either Germany or Portugal could see Ghana through to the next round.

It is rather unfortunate Cameroon lost their first match to Mexico. However, all is not lost. A win over Croatia and a possible win or draw with Brazil in Group A could see Cameroon through to the next round.

Ivory Coast is in a very good position in Group C. Both Colombia and Ivory Coast are favorites in this group. A win over Greece and Japan and a possible win or draw with Colombia could easily see the great Elephants through to the next round of the competition.

Although Argentina without a doubt are the favorite, African Champions Nigeria can easily advance with Argentina in Group F with "very" possible wins over both Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Group H on the other hand has no clear contenders. Infact, Algeria, Belgium, Russia, and Korea Republic are all so evenly placed in this group which leaves the group very wide open. Hardwork will definitely pay in this group giving Algeria a very clear shot at the top spot in Group H. 

No African team has made the semifinals of the World Cup, but we have been in position on numerous occasions to defeat world soccer royalty, only to lose late. For example, Ghana found themselves in a position in a 2010 quarterfinal where they simply needed to convert a penalty kick (typically, an 80 percent proposition) in the final seconds of extra time against Uruguay. Instead, Asamoah Gyan skied the kick over, Ghana lost in penalties, and missed out on the chance of making the semis in the first African World Cup.

Can all these change in Brazil? Can an African team bring home the world cup? Well, I have a dream that one day, an African team will bring home the cup.

UPDATE  6/14/14:

Just as predicted, the mighty Elephants of Ivory Coast with the great Drogba managed to hang on to a 2-1 victory over Japan securing 3 points and 1 goal on aggregate placing them second in group C below Colombia (Colombia currently has 3 points and 3 goals on aggregate). more updates coming soon!

UPDATE 6/16/14:

It was a sad day in African soccer. Although Nigeria and Argentina are still the favorites in group F,  Nigeria's 0-0 draw match with Iran on June 16, is beginning to draw some doubts. The greatest disappointment came from the Ghanaian side. The Ghana vs USA match ended in a 1-2 victory in favor of the USA. America's first (and fastest goal ever) in the opening half of the game was graciously equalized by Andre Ayew 8mins to stoppage time only for America to score again with a header from a corner kick just 2mins to stoppage time. That second goal from Brooks changed everything. Ghana is down and the USA is up 3 points but the uphill task is even harder for the Ghanaians. Unlike Portugal, Ghana still has the mighty Germany to play in addition to the great contender Portugal which makes the task almost impossible for Ghana at this point in the competition. 

UPDATE 6/23/14:

Unfortunately, Cameroon is out of Group A after 2 horrible defeats leaving Mexico and Croatia fighting for the second spot. The Indomitable Lions' (Les Lions Indomitables) horrible 1-0 defeat in the hands of Mexico and later 4-0 in the hands of Croatia is enough reason to kick them out of Group A. Brazil takes the 1st spot and either Mexico or Croatia, the 2nd spot. That is group A.

Just as predicted, Colombia and Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire in French) are likely to advance. Colombia currently has 6 points with a match to spare which makes them favorites for the 1st spot. Although Ivory Coast lost 2-1 to Colombia, Ivory currently has 3 points after beating Japan 2-1 with the remaining match against Greece (the underdogs). In other words, Ivory Coast is likely to advance with 6 points or even 4 points should they draw with Greece.

Again, just as predicted, Nigeria is currently in a comfortable 2nd spot in Group F with 4 points after drawing with Iran and later on defeating Bosnia and Herzegonia 1-0. The Super Eagles are right under Argentina with one match to go (Against Argentina).

The 2-1 lost to the USA messed Ghana up big time in the 'group of death' or Group G. Ghana is currently in a very uncomfortable 3rd position in group G after drawing 2-2 with the mighty Germany. Although team Portugal is "statistically" out, Ghana's hope rests on 2 possible outcomes. Ghana must first defeat Portugal and either USA or Germany must win their last match. In other words, a draw in the Germany vs. USA match will kick Ghana out. Most likely, Germany will and must beat USA to keep hopes alive. 

Just as predicted, Algeria is currently in a very comfortable 2nd spot in Group H. Although Algeria lost 2-1 to Belgium, their triumphant 4-2 victory over Korea Republic was enough to put Algeria in the next round of the competition. Algeria has Russia to play in the last match and the North Africans are huge favorites to win. 

More updates coming soon!!!

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