Ethiopian-ImmigrantWhich group of people constitutes the "fourth world"? Which group of people constitutes the "excess population"? And which group of people constitutes the "useless eaters"? It is true truth hurts sometimes but that is not enough reason to avoid the truth. The UN, the IMF, the WTO and all those so-called great global organizations were created to manipulate the poor and the weak and it is so sad so many of us don't see it that way.

So many of us are just too blind to see and that is why we continue to suffer. I have written several articles about how the World Bank and the IMF destroy Africa. I have also written several articles about the "proxy wars" and the profiteers who continue to benefit from the blood of the innocent (You may search for a few of those articles).

The United Nations denies an entire continent the right to be free yet claims to be a peace-loving organization.

Up till now Africa as a continent has no permanent membership in the United Nations and Africa has no veto. Africa as a continent has no permanent membership and no "significant" say at all in any of those so-called global organizations. In other words, Africa just follows orders from these so-called peaceful organizations.They put us in their nets and manipulate us according to their wishes and desires. See how easily America and NATO were able to destroy Gaddafi and the entire country of Libya using the famous chapter 7 of the United Nations charter. See how George Bush and his destructive forces were able to destroy the entire country of Iraq using similar tactics. They bombed and killed innocent people including tiny little babies yet the United Nations and co saw nothing wrong with that.

A friend of mine asked me this question a few months ago and I couldn't answer. We all know a thing or two about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We all know or at least have heard about the deaths of the untold number of innocent people every single day and we all know how America the greatest nation on earth continues to protect and sponsor Israel. Now imagine Israel at the center of Africa. Imagine Africa with Jews. Imagine Israel with all these bombs and rockets situated right at the center of Africa. Imagine Israel and America with all these their nuclear weapons teamed up and situated right at the center of Africa. Would there be any one of us (Africans) alive today? Of course there would be some us alive today but the question is, how many of us would be alive today?

To those of you who don't know and to those of you who may have forgotten, the God of Africa saved Africa once again because, somewhere in 1938, the western powers wanted to settle the European Jews right in the middle section of Africa. They first targeted an area near east Africa around Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania. They however failed due to fierce opposition from Marcus Garvey (May his gentle soul rest in peace) and some other great people.

Somewhere in 2008 I wrote about this topic but nobody took me serious. Thank God it is now in the news and so many people are beginning to read about some of the evil things Israel does to poor African immigrants. Do you know up till now Israel continues to forcibly Inject poor African Immigrants with Birth Control chemicals to make them sterile? Yes this is one of the many evil things Israel does to poor African immigrants especially Ethiopians and Sudanese. According to them, it is just a "population control strategy" and this strategy targets only poor African immigrants.

Now imagine Israel situated right at the center of Africa. Imagine Africa with Jews. Imagine Jews with all these their "population control" strategies. Would we be alive today? Only God knows.

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