Uganda-Anti-GayDiscrimination is something I deeply hate maybe because of what I've been through as an African. I hate discrimination and I speak against it whenever the topic comes up. I speak against discrimination because I consider all humans equal. Despite our differences in backgrounds and perceptions, we are all humans and we all feel pain.

Although I deeply hate discrimination, sometimes I have no other choice than to discriminate. Evil is something I cannot truly embrace and evil is something I speak against whenever I see it coming.

In a land where HIV/AIDS continues to tear people into pieces, we have no other choice than to weed out some evil behaviors fueling the spread of HIV and AIDS. One of such evil behaviors we need to weed out is homosexuality.

Homosexuality which used to be very unheard-of in Africa just a few decades ago, is beginning to gain roots in Africa today all thanks to the spread of western culture and the so-called "educated/literate" life. On the other hand, what makes us "Africans" is our culture and traditions. There is no moral lesson in the Bible you cannot find in the true African culture and traditions, and there is no discipline the Quran and the other holy books mention that the African culture and traditions ignore.

I remember not long ago, we used to live together peacefully in boarding houses in high school. We used to bathe, eat and sleep together sometimes with the lights out but I never for once heard of students caught in any such taboo as homosexuality. These days however, parents are afraid to send their children to go live in boarding houses and the reason is because, our boarding houses today are full of homosexuals who continue to prey on innocent children all day and night.

Someone may ask, is it just students preying on their fellow students? The answer is No. It is true some students secretly engage themselves in this taboo. However, in most cases, it is adult homosexuals and pedophiles who are turning our high schools and boarding houses here in Africa into "Sodom and Gomorrah" where they come and go in their numbers preying on innocent souls all day and night.

Someone may ask, is it just Africans preying on other Africans? The answer once again is a very big No. Although there are some homosexuals in Africa, the majority of them are from the outside world. Majority of them come as tourists with the evil intentions of ruining the lives of innocent people especially young school boys and girls. They lure these innocent boys and girls with money and gifts and destroy their tiny little souls in hotels and other places.

Someone may ask, are homosexuals in Africa not human beings? Well, as I mentioned earlier on, we are all humans despite our differences. Homosexuals are humans just like everyone else. We don't hate homosexuals as humans. We just hate homosexuality as an act. I know in the so-called advanced countries around the world, people go to the extent of writing laws and modifying constitutions promoting such taboos. However, we cannot do the same here in Africa because we are "Africans" and our culture and traditions are what keep us going in this wicked world and we cannot for any reason throw away our culture and traditions just to fit in. Embracing homosexuality in Africa is just like throwing away our very sense of identity. Something we cannot do.

I am not judging homosexuals and I am not calling them evil. What I am saying is that, homosexuality as an act goes against our culture and traditions and we cannot allow such taboos in Africa. I know in some societies in Africa, homosexuals are even afraid to come out in the open as homosexuals because that could be a death sentence. The outside world sometimes considers such acts towards homosexuals as barbaric and the reason is because, the outside world fails to consider the harmful effects of such taboos in Africa, a land where culture and traditions reign supreme.

Someone may ask, what if the homosexuals were born that way? That is a question only time can tell. My great grandfathers knew nothing about homosexuality. Is it because nobody was born gay in their time? Also, as I mentioned earlier on, in high school, I never for once heard of two male students caught engaging in homsexual activities. However, today in our schools, homosexuals are caught in the act almost every now and then. Is it because more people are born gay today than it was just a few years ago? Up till now, science still can't find that "gay gene" or the genetic factor responsible for homosexuality so why should Africa write laws and modify constitutions promoting homosexuality as an act?

I am an African and I know how it feels to belong to a minority group in the outside world. In other words, I know how it feels to be treated differently just because of your skin color, your religion, etc.  In fact, I would be the one advocating for homosexual rights if homosexuality made sense to me at all. However, in my humble opinion, homosexuality is a harmful foreign culture introduced into Africa just recently. Homosexuality in Africa is just a learned harmful behavior which is destroying our culture and traditions. I personally believe nobody was born gay and that, we as Africans should not embrace homosexuality as an act.

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