RShaman-Africaeligion is the most popular business in Africa today. Because it is "written" the devil or Lucifer is the root of all evil, we blame the devil for almost all our problems. We blame someone or something we cannot even see with our eyes as the cause of all our problems. Is that wisdom? I don't think the devil is the root of all illiteracy and stupidity and I think sometimes we just over-blame the devil for no good reasons at all. Instead of blaming ourselves for our stupidity and ignorance, we blame the poor guy why because it is "written". Some may call me the assistant Lucifer for making this post but I still believe sometimes we just have to say it the way it is. Religion is doing more harm than good in Africa. Religion continues to tear Africa into pieces and I don't think Africa can prosper under the dark shadows of religion.

Muslim-girlFirst of all, please pardon my ignorance if you find this article very offensive. It is just my personal opinion and it reflects the little I know and the very little I have seen with my own eyes. I cannot delete it although it seems to offend so many people. I can only try to edit the tone of the article a little bit. Once again, I am not a Christian trying to tarnish the "good reputation" of Islam. Islam has done some very great things in the past just like Christianity. However, in my opinion, the bad things Islam and Christianity have done surpass all the good things they've ever accomplished.

"Only a fool says in his heart there is no God" and no I am not a fool. I believe in God because it doesn't make much sense not to believe. However, I believe in God not religion why because religion makes no sense.

Cute-Baby-African-AmericanAlthough all black people have that "Black DNA", we are Africans because of our culture and traditions. In other words, our DNA plays very little to no role at all when it comes to what truly defines us as Africans. When it comes to physical features such as color and height, DNA plays a very major role. DNA plays a very significant role in determining the color of our skin, the color of our eyes, our hair color, our height, etc. However, DNA plays very little to no role at all in cultural identity. DNA plays very little to no role at all in culture and DNA plays almost no role in tradition. In other words, although the "Black DNA" may determine our black color, the "Black DNA" plays absolutely no role when it comes to what truly defines us as Africans. Skin color does not equate culture or nationality.

jj-rawlingsAccording to my grandfather, "it doesn't make much sense differentiating between mother and baby snakes why because they are both poisonous and none of them shows mercy". In other words, evil is evil and must not be tolerated in anyway or form. In Africa, "one does not follow the footprints in the water" why because "A log thrown into the water does not become a crocodile". Also, "too much roaming about deprived the male rat of its fat". It is true Africa is the land of mystery but what people especially Westerners do not understand is the fact that, none of those mysteries covering the continent has no keys to unlock them. In other words, although they appear "mysteries" to those who do not know, they are nothing but treasures in stock to the average African. Africa is the land of culture and Africa is the land of traditions.

African-youth-paintingAlthough God is not human, I still believe God is an African. Anytime I say this, people think I am going crazy but if I am crazy for pointing out the fact that God is an African, then you are far crazier than me for believing that God is some white dude with blue eyes, blonde hair and painted lips from a village somewhere in Europe. The fact that I am black in color doesn't mean I have black sense. I came across a comment on cnn yesterday and I have been thinking about it all day. According to the comment, black Africans are far more barbaric than other racial groups and that explains why black Africans are always fighting and killing each other.

After reading the comment I decided to ignore it altogether why because I know the so-called educated people are the most foolish people online.