RShaman-Africaeligion is the most popular business in Africa today. Because it is "written" the devil or Lucifer is the root of all evil, we blame the devil for almost all our problems. We blame someone or something we cannot even see with our eyes as the cause of all our problems. Is that wisdom? I don't think the devil is the root of all illiteracy and stupidity and I think sometimes we just over-blame the devil for no good reasons at all. Instead of blaming ourselves for our stupidity and ignorance, we blame the poor guy why because it is "written". Some may call me the assistant Lucifer for making this post but I still believe sometimes we just have to say it the way it is. Religion is doing more harm than good in Africa. Religion continues to tear Africa into pieces and I don't think Africa can prosper under the dark shadows of religion.

Muslim-girlFirst of all, please pardon my ignorance if you find this article very offensive. It is just my personal opinion and it reflects the little I know and the very little I have seen with my own eyes. I cannot delete it although it seems to offend so many people. I can only try to edit the tone of the article a little bit. Once again, I am not a Christian trying to tarnish the "good reputation" of Islam. Islam has done some very great things in the past just like Christianity. However, in my opinion, the bad things Islam and Christianity have done surpass all the good things they've ever accomplished.

"Only a fool says in his heart there is no God" and no I am not a fool. I believe in God because it doesn't make much sense not to believe. However, I believe in God not religion why because religion makes no sense.

Ubuntu-kidUbuntu is an African word that means so much. Ubuntu is more than just a philosophy. Ubuntu is a way of life and it simply translates "I am because we are". In other words, a person is a person through other people. Although the word "Ubuntu" comes from southern Africa, the concept of Ubuntu is universal throughout Africa under various names. Ubuntu in the Xhosa culture means: "I am because we are". In the Botswana Tswana language, the same concept exists. It is called botho, and the phrase that a person is a person through other people translates to "motho ke motho ka batho". The Ashantis and other Akan groups in Ghana have a similar concept which simply translates "biako ye" or "unity is great". In Malawi, the same concept exists and it is called "uMunthu".

african-grandpaI am a true son of my father because in Africa, a crab does not beget a bird. According to my grandfather, it doesn't make much sense to ask the hunter how was his hunt especially if you saw him come in with a bunch of mushrooms in his hand. I pray for the day when lions will get their own historians but until that day, the tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter including even the one who came home with mushrooms. It is because of hot food that nature gave us two cheeks instead of one and because I am a wise son of my father, my sheep never gets loose twice. I can see you have started drawing a big snake in the sand but please don't forget to add legs to the snake after you have finished drawing it.

 Proverbs are words of wisdom and wisdom is life. Proverbs are words full of hidden truths and deeper meanings. Africa is the land of proverbs. Not just proverbs but proverbs with meanings.

homosexualityAccording to my grandfather, "it doesn't make much sense differentiating between mother and baby snakes why because they are both poisonous and none of them shows mercy". In other words, evil is evil and must not be tolerated in anyway or form. In Africa, "one does not follow the footprints in the water" why because "A log thrown into the water does not become a crocodile". Also, "too much roaming about deprived the male rat of its fat". It is true Africa is the land of mystery but what people especially Westerners do not understand is the fact that, none of those mysteries covering the continent has no keys to unlock them. In other words, although they appear "mysteries" to those who do not know, they are nothing but treasures in stock to the average African. Africa is the land of culture and Africa is the land of traditions.