Africa and AIDS: Homosexuality and Pedophilia

African-homosexualDiscrimination is something I hate with passion maybe because of what I've been through as an African. I hate discrimination and I speak against it whenever the topic comes up. I speak against discrimination because I consider all human beings equal. I have never heard of a human being with 3 hearts before. We all have one heart and we all feel pain. Although I hate discrimination with passion, sometimes I have no other choice than to discriminate against evil. Evil is something I cannot truly embrace and evil is something I speak against whenever I see it coming. In a land where HIV/AIDS continues to tear people into pieces, we have no other choice than to weed out some evil behaviors fueling the spread of HIV and AIDS. One of such evil behaviors we need to weed out is homosexuality.

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Information Technology: Africa and the Internet

africa-internetWe are in the age of computers and Africa is rising up greatly in the computer world. Almost every school in Africa today teaches computer science and information technology. Just about 15 years ago, not so many Africans had computers let alone access to the internet. However, for the past 10 years, the number of computers and internet users in Africa has exploded greatly. There are computers everywhere you go in Africa today. There are wifi hotspots and fast broadband connections in all African countries today which is great. Just about 10 years ago just a handful of students had computers in their rooms in Africa but today almost every college student in Africa either has his or her own computer with internet access or has a free access to the internet in school and at home.

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The booming Church business in Africa today

Pastor Enoch AdeboyeThe faithfulness of the poor is being exploited not just in government but also in the house of the Most High God why because in today's world, people try so hard to be "uncertain" about what they already know for sure. When they become completely uncertain about what they once knew for sure, they are given the title "Faithfuls" and are saved by faith. Some even refer to themselves as "Born Agains" a very befitting title indeed. Africa is a land of Faithfuls. Africa is a land full of 'Born Agains' who are more than ready to be saved by faith and nothing but faith. Africa is a land full of professional miracle performers and faithful miracle seekers. Almost everybody is seeking for miracles today in Africa making miracle performing such a booming business all across the continent.

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Major problems facing Albinos in Africa

Albino ladyAfrica is the worst place to be an Albino. In a land where crazy superstitious beliefs and ignorane reign supreme, Albinos can only pray for God's protection while running all day and night non-stop. As most of you know, Albinism is the lack of melanin a pigment in the skin, eyes and hair which protects us from the sun's ultraviolet rays. In other words, melanin is that pigment that gives skin, hair, and eyes their color. Albinos are individuals lacking melanin. Albinos are individuals suffering from albinism and they are vulnerable to medical complications as well as social discrimination. In most parts of the world today, social discrimination isn't a big issue for Albinos because most people have come to realize Albinism isn't that a crazy "disease" after all.  In Africa however, social discrimination against Albinos is far worse than even the medical complications Albinos go through every single day.

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Google to Tap the Poor in Africa and Asia

Google-AfricaJust a few centuries ago, before television and radio sets, horses and "messengers" were the only "broadband" lines available for long distance communication. In some parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, drums, gong-gongs and horns were used for similar purposes. Things have changed a lot especially in the past few decades. Now we have radio and television sets. Now we have cars, trains, airplanes and above all, we have phones and more cell phones in addition to the mighty oracle of information, the internet all of which help a lot in faster information distribution. The sad part however is that, not everybody has access to this booming web of information. Not everybody enjoys these privileges some of us take for granted. Some people are denied access to the web of information by their governments and overseers.

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