fulani-manAccording to my grandfather, it doesn't make much sense to pray for smooth mountains why because smooth mountains are quite slippery making them almost impossible to climb. Wisdom flattens mountains while stupidity turns mountains into deeper valleys. The goat is one of the most stubborn creatures on earth yet in the land of wisdom, the sheep often dies faster than the goat even though the sheep is quite a peaceful and obedient creature. It is good to be obedient and respectful especially towards elders. However, the sheep often takes it to the extreme in the hope of pleasing all mankind which is quite impossible. So at the end of the day, the sheep dies without even knowing it while the stubborn goat continues to enjoy fresh air. Extreme obedience is nothing but stupidity and there is no such thing as "respect" in the word "extreme".

African kidWhether good or bad, Africa is my home and there is no place like home. I love Africa because there is no place like Africa. Even in my second life if God should give me the opportunity (to choose where to live), I would choose Africa why because I love Africa and there is no doubt Africa loves me. Some people don't understand. Some people think they know but they do not know. Some people think they know all about Africa but the truth is that, none of them knows Africa the way I do. I know Africa and Africa knows me.

I was born in Africa, I grew up in Africa and Africa is my home so you must believe me if I tell you there is no place like Africa. If it is true there is a God up there beyond the clouds then I am very sure that God is an African why because Africa is the rhythm of life.

black man paintingMy uncle takes away food straight from the mouths of hungry lions and he does so with neither bullet nor spear but with courage, great determination, and wisdom. He is an expert in what he does. Not because he is wiser than the older ones surrounding him but because he is good and knows better what he does best.

Taking a kill away from the mouth of a male African lion is just like pointing a well-loaded gun very close to your head and placing a toddler's finger on the trigger. Not so many people are "dumb" enough to venture into such a dangerous business but on the other hand, it is a huge mistake to refer to my uncle as dumb. My uncle ventures into this extremely scary business not to hurt those lions but to benefit from their existence and my uncle does so and makes it seem as easy as drinking water.

Uganda-Anti-GayDiscrimination is something I hate with passion maybe because of what I've been through as an African. I hate discrimination and I speak against it whenever the topic comes up. I speak against discrimination because I consider all human beings equal. I have never heard of a human being with 3 hearts before. We all have one heart and we all feel pain. Although I hate discrimination with passion, sometimes I have no other choice than to discriminate against evil. Evil is something I cannot truly embrace and evil is something I speak against whenever I see it coming. In a land where HIV/AIDS continues to tear people into pieces, we have no other choice than to weed out some evil behaviors fueling the spread of HIV and AIDS. One of such evil behaviors we need to weed out is homosexuality.

African-youth-paintingWisdom knows no age and wisdom knows no color. Wisdom knows no gender and wisdom knows no nationality. Wisdom knows no religion and wisdom knows no culture. Wisdom has no beginning and wisdom has no end. No wise man is racist and No wise man is ethnocentric. No wise man fights his mother and no wise man oppresses his brother. No wise man kills his father and no wise man butchers his sister. A wise man prays to his god and his god listens to him. A wise man listens and a wise man learns. There is no wisdom in the word "extreme".

I came across a comment on cnn yesterday and I have been thinking about it all day. According to the comment, black Africans are far more barbaric than other racial groups and that explains why black Africans are always fighting and killing each other.