War-victimsNot so many people know and not so many people understand why because the few who know do not share and the few who understand do not explain and so the story continues but in silent dreams - dreams full of several "whats" and "whys". The very few good Samaritans who decide to share what they know are often handsomely rewarded with early graves while the very few who try to explain, end up with barbecued tongues.

Our maker did not put us here to suffer yet we continue to suffer all day and night. "A hand that does not work must not eat" yet some of us are left with no limbs at all.

Some say we are lazy. Some say we are selfish. Some say we are ignorant while others consider us nothing but foolish fools.

Yes we are selfish and yes we are lazy. Yes we are ignorant and yes we are nothing but foolish fools. Stupidity reigns supreme in our hearts and we sing him praises all day and night. We dress stupidity in suits with well-polished matching shoes. Ignorance is the air we breathe. Our hearts are darker than coal and our throats love nothing but blood. Yes we are selfish and yes we are very wicked people. We dig our own graves and sometimes decorate them with flowers. Some even say we are worthless and yes we are worthless. A man without wisdom is worthless so yes we are worthless. We only pray our maker opens the eyes of our enemies so they can come to see and appreciate their goodness.

The United States' military spending was around $711 billion in 2008, about 48.28% of the global total war expenditure (which stood at around 1.472 trillion dollars in 2008), followed by China about 8.28% of the world's total, Russia with 4.75%, and the UK with 3.76%. The US has over 700 military bases worldwide. The US is the only nation that divides the world into military commands with a general controlling each region.

On February 6, 2007, former president Bush announced the creation of a US Africa Command (AFRICOM) to fight the war on terror on African soil (and to protect oil resources). Someone may ask, is this the first time the US is militarizing Africa? The answer is a very big NO. AFRICOM is just the expansion of US military footprint on African soil not to fight terror but to kill and destroy so as to create several footpaths linking our natural resources for easy take-over. At a time when the continent needs development, needs housing, good education, healthcare, etc. which are the core building blocks of healthy societies, the US responds with arms, military training, and other materials of war. This is not new. It is just an expansion.

To those of you who don't know exactly what the US military and militarization does in Africa, here is a very short history for you. I cannot list them all but here are a few important time periods to note. In 1820, the American colonization society founded Liberia. In 1965 a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) backed coup in Congo brought the wicked monster Mobutu to power. Mobutu's 30 year regime "officially" embezzled not less than 7 billion dollars (the true figure however is way bigger than this) from his country's coffers and killed tens of thousands of innocent people mostly in the dark. In the 1980s, the US military trained and equipped Samuel Doe's army in Liberia. Samuel Doe's army then killed over 300,000 Liberians including tiny little babies.

Take a look at what happened in Libya just recently under NATO's banner. When KONY 2012 first came out, some of you were so angry to the point where you wanted to kill that bastard called Joseph Kony with your bare hands. However, it may surprise you to know that the rich and powerful in America today are worse than Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony abducted little children and turned them into monstrous killing machines. However, it may surprise you to know that over 90% of the guns and other ammunitions Joseph Kony and his group used to commit those atrocities, came from America and other western countries. In other words, these western countries who claim to be messengers of peace are the same countries who continue to fuel war zones in Africa.

China and Russia were openly supplying Darfur with fireams all in exchange for oil while innocent people including tiny little babies were dying like flies. America came in as a saint but ended up partaking in similar evil deeds but this time around through Israel (America's favorite son). They (the greedy rich corporations) are always modifying their methods. Now what they do in some parts of Africa is that, they create conflicts, demonically manipulate the various sides and then supply the various sides with machine guns, bombs, armored cars, etc. to fight and kill themselves so that in the end, they (the greedy rich corporations) can rush in as "peacekeepers", kill several innocent people and then take over just like what happened in Libya not long ago.

Now people are talking about terrorism in Africa. Yes there are so many terrorist groups in Africa today. Boko Haram, Al Mourabitoun, etc, continue to tear West Africa into pieces. ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc, have taken over North Africa and Al Shabaab, AQIM, etc, are more than ready to burn East Africa into ashes. There is no doubt where these terrorist groups come from but the question we fail to ask ourselves is; who actually sponsors these numerous terrorist organizations? Where do ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and the others get their supplies from? Where do all the bombs, armored cars, machine guns, etc, come from? It may surprise you the kind of sophiscated machinery some of these terrorist organizations use.

Didn't America and NATO sponsor some armed groups in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi? Now Gaddafi is gone but where are those "rebel" groups and where are the weapons of mass destruction they (the rebels) received from America and NATO? Compare the number of terrorist groups operating in Libya today to when Gaddafi was alive. That was the outcome of America and NATO's generosity.