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Major Problems Facing Indonesia Today


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Default Major Problems Facing Indonesia Today

Indonesia is a maritime country as well as an agricultural country, a rich country with abundance natural resources and a multicultural country.
As a maritime country, Indonesia has five big islands named Sumatera,Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Irian Jaya and Indonesia also has thousands small islands.

The small islands are spreaded around the big islands with hundreds in number around one big island. Some of the small islands are close to other country such as Malaysia and Singapura. The large territory of Indonesia of course needs extra security systems, routine watch and good cooperation and understanding with the neighbor countries.

The government of Indonesia with limited budget try to develop the entirely of Indonesia.This causes some important aspects could not be developed well, in other word,some urgent infrastructures could not be done at the same time due to the high cost projects, while The government of Indonesia must also take care to the victims of natural disaster and supply subsidized for some prior citizenís need.

The above monetary condition influents very much to the effort of Indonesian Navy to protect the entirely territory from inside or outside threaten. The Navy needs more personels and more sophisticated apparatus, and this is one of the major problems.
Fish stolen and illegal trade sometimes happen in The Indonesian sea. Two outer small islands of Indonesia with abundant natural resource, called Sipadan Island and Ligitan island have been claimed by Malaysia due to the above problem.

And hundreds time Malaysian Navy enters Indonesian territory, breaking the international rules. Those indicates that Indonesia still faces big problem with the security in the entire territory.
As an agricultural country, Indonesia has millions hectares that produces almost all the agriculture products. Indonesia could fulfill its own need of rice. The country also categorized as a big exporter of some agricultural products. Meanwhile, in the abundance of natural resources of Indonesia,million people (more than 20 million people) live under poverty line. A lot of farmers, especially traditional farmers are poor. This is another major problem Indonesia faces today, the poverty.

The high number of people who move from villages to cities to find job and proper living also create another humanity problems. The jobless figure is high relevant to the increasing of criminal figure in Indonesian big cities.
Another category that stick to Indonesia is a multicultural country. Indonesia consists of thousands of island,naturally different language, region/belief ethnics and cultures are formed,however the differences was united by the Indonesian language and the principles of the country.

The differences ever appeared as a big problem where there was a humanity disaster (war) between two different ethnics. Even though, in the last 15 years, Indonesian people live in peace but the former big problem must always be anticipated.
Before 1998, Indonesia faces another big problem, a corruption. But since the changes of rezim, the government slowly but sure successfully decreases the corruption level.

Indonesia has many potential medium or small islands that can be developed as a commercial resorts. Bali is one the beautiful island in Indonesia.There are still many small to medium islands in the country that have similar potential to Bali as an international holiday destiny. Other islands have natural resources in the form of oil, gold, nickel and other minerals.

The last major problem Indonesia faces is the quality of human resources to manage and maintain the abundance of natural resources. For decades, the natural resources are handled by foreign companies as the main partner in the business co-operation but the giant business results less profit for Indonesia country.
Those are some major problems Indonesia faces today, even though some latest indicators show that the problem decrease from year to year.
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