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HIV in India - Effects of HIV/AIDS on the Economy of India


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Lightbulb HIV in India - Effects of HIV/AIDS on the Economy of India

HIV/AIDS in India

The shocking recent survey conducted, tells that among one billion people living in India, nearly two and a half million are living, with AIDS. Yes, the killer disease called AIDS, which stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, roots up from the HIV virus and it is abbreviated as Human Immuno Deficiency virus. The origin of AIDS is the African continent in the ancient times, which was said to be spread from forest animals, mainly the monkeys.

Spread of HIV/AIDS in India:

Aids slowly started entering India in the early, nineteenth century through some of the groups in the society like the truck drivers, infected foreign visitors, sex workers, where it actually started. Along with poverty, unemployment and illiteracy, HIV is also becoming a social problem.

Causes for the killer Disease:

AIDS is caused mostly through sexual transmission. Other causes include usage of unhygienic equipments, transmission of blood and so on. When knifes and syringes used for an infected person, is further used for any one else, it will surely push them in to this dangerous pit, called AIDS. It is a wrong conception that, talking with the infected person it self will spread this virus. The fact is that AIDS spreads only through BLOOD, definitely not through AIR.

Symptoms of this disease:

The major symptoms of this disease are depression, diarrhea, thrush, rapid weight loss, lipodystrophy, lactic acidosis, sinus infections, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, burning with tingling of the upper and lower limbs, night sweat, etc. If a person is found out with these symptoms, then he should immediately undergo the relevant treatments.

Effects of AIDS in the human body:

The virus is embedded in the ‘T cells’, and hence it multiplies in a very large scale and the whole immune system gets affected. So, AIDS can be diagnosed by the count of the T cells. If it goes low, then the chances of HIV in a person is very high. HIV will bring in a group of diseases and defects to nullify the body’s immune system and eventually causing death. HIV and AIDS leads to other dreadful diseases in the human body including tuberculosis, pneumocystis carnii, pneumonia, Kaposi’s sarcoma, lymphoma, and cancer at its worst stage.

Detection of HIV-AIDS:

If a person is found to suffer from the above symptoms, then he should under go the HIV test. It is a set of two continuous tests, called the ELISA which can be abbreviated as the enzyme-linked immuno absorbent assay and the ‘Western Blot’ test. ELISA is performed for tracing the anti bodies, and the Western Blot is a confirmation test. When the above two test results are found to be true, then the person is HIV positive, which means the prey for this killer disease.

Treatment for HIV-AIDS:

There is no complete remedy for AIDS, until today, but there is a struggle for finding the medication is going on and on for years, globally. But drugs which slow down the virus are available in India. Some of them include Abacavir, Didanosine, Emtricitabine, Lamivudine, Stavudine, Tenofovir, Zalcitabine and Zidovudine. The Antiretroviral drugs, called the ARV, are also in use these days. These drugs can be used for increasing the life span of the infected person, but there is no assurance for complete cure.

Preventive Measures:

The NACO (National AIDS Control Organization) has published the preventive measures for this deadly disease. An ethical life, with only one person is the right thing to be followed i.e.., having sexual relations with many will welcome this disease. Usage of condoms, sterilized equipments and disposal of used syringes, blades and knives are highly recommended.

Effects of AIDS in India:

In India, this disease prevails high in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland. This is the most serious health challenges that our country is facing now. If this prevails, in the same rate it will put our country in a pathetic state. The government of India has been taking active steps to solve this problem. Many awareness programs are conducted in various places of the country to imbibe the knowledge of this dangerous disease to the common inhabitants.

Thus, to come out of this dreadful problem, we in India should follow the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’, let us all join with the government to make India AIDS free, a safe and healthy place for us and our future generations to live in.
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Default Re: HIV in India - Effects of HIV/AIDS on the Economy of India

hiv/aids even though it is a very deadly disease has some benefits in my opinion. Without Hiv and other sexually transmitted diseases, rape and other bad sexual behaviors would become so rampant in the society. Hiv aids keeps people away from rampant sexual intercouse which is somehow Good in my opinion. Considering India's population growth rate, Hiv plays a major role not in eliminating people but in placing a check on people's sexual behaviors.
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