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The poverty in Liberia: The poorest country in the world


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Lightbulb The poverty in Liberia: The poorest country in the world

To those of you who do not know, Liberia is one of the "poorest" countries in the world. Liberia is in fact very very poor and one of the worst places to live as a child. Many people have died and many people are dying and many more are about to die in Liberia because the poverty in Liberia keeps getting worse by the day. Liberia used to be one of the most prosperous countries on the continent but now among the poorest on the continent of Africa.

After many years of war and conflicts (over 15 years of war), Liberia is now the worst country to live in as a child. children are dying in their numbers. Rebels are raping innocent girls everyday. Children are been forced to kill their own parents and children are been trained just to kill their fellow human beings. When you go to Liberia, you will understand what I am talking about. You will see children without their hands and legs. You will see children with "short sleeves" and "long sleeves". What happened to these children? that is the result of the 15 years of war.

Most people who refused to cooperate were killed and the few lucky ones lost their limbs. You will see children without their legs and children without their hands not because they were born this way but due to the stupidity and foolishness of the selected few, these children can neither write nor do anything with their limbs. What is the future of these children? only God knows.

Do you think that Liberia can ever recover from this mess? Do you think that Liberia can ever become the Liberia it was many many years ago? Do you think that Liberia can become the prosperous country it was some years ago? What do you think?
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Default Re: The poverty in Liberia - The poorest country in the world

To correct this post, Liberia is not the poorest country in the world. Liberia is poor and we all know that but Liberia is not even the second poorest country in the world. Niger is the poorest country in the world followed by Ethiopia. Even it is on the home page of this website. you can check for yourself
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Default Re: The poverty in Liberia - The poorest country in the world

Thank you for bringing some perspective to that supremely rambling post above Sirleaf. it was beginning to do my head in reading over and over the same words without a single economically viable suggestion for improvement, sense of objectivity, or comparisons to even more terrible war atrocities being committed elsewhere in the world like uganda's ethnic war, Bosnia and Herzegovina's lengthy (and bitter) conflict, or any other jurisdictions where war has damaged and grossly marginalised the population.

Seems like "More talk less answers", as usual.
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Default Re: The poverty in Liberia - The poorest country in the world

Incidentally if Liberia is the worst place to live as a child, then where are you leaving many parts of India, Taliban controlled Afghanistan, and many parts of southeast Asia and the rest- where is there is:

No education for females
Forced marriages for people who have not yet reached TEEN AGE, to men in their 30s/ 40s, and far much older
Ongoing human trafficking of everyone from minors to adults, in its extremes
Documented ritual murder for success and the use of specialised body parts (as you spoke of in your albino post)
Excesses of poverty far below the international standard of GDP wage earnings per capita
And low to NO access to education, housing, food or even clean water for many.

Bearing all this in mind- is Liberia really the only jurisdiction you can think of as "worst place to be a child"? Because on the average even a Liberian child has higher chances of survival at birth than a Somalian or Ethiopian one. Please be more objective and do your research better rather than making emotive posting that greatly skews the available facts.
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