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Half Human Half Animal - Who is the father?


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Default Half Human Half Animal - Who is the father?

If you have watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, you are familiar of the half man half animal phenomenon.
For Christians, those who read the bible, are aware of the ancient mythology (Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Medes, Grecian and Roman Empires) are replete with tales of gods who mated with humans. Their offspring, half gods, with giant stature and superhuman power and strength were the heroes of ancient days with heroes like Hercules, Perseus and Gilgamesh. The offspring and human beings and angels were referred to as Nephilim, they were responsible for giving man knowledge and skill that he was never meant to have.
Having been taught secrets of genetic engineering, man created monsters. Mythological tales report that half man half horse, half man half goat, a man with a birdís or animal head, or even having a manís head, a lionís body and wings of an eagle, such as the Egyptian sphinx.
Is this still evident at the moment? Well, I would say itís true but on a different level, there is a modern form of genetic engineering. In Kenya, Likoni, a half man half goat creature was given birth to by goat and died minutes after birth, it did not happen once but twice. The locals were terrified of the ugly creature, the goat owner who helped the goat to give birth after a whole night of struggling to give birth reported that it was the first time for his goat to give birth to such a creature. In the previous year a similar incident occurred in the same area. The creature had the head, eyes, mouth and snout area like a human being with black fur and from shoulder downwards features of a human being.
In Zimbabwe, a goat gave birth to a similar youngster, the mutant baby born with human-like head stayed alive for several moments after birth before frightened villagers killed it. Dogs like to play around a goat after it has given birth but this time even the dogs were scared and ran away reported the villagers. The body of the ugly looking creature was burnt by the villagers giving biologists no chance of studying the rare creature. The creature was hairless, head, nose, face and shoulders of a man.
Human being was to blame as it was believed that evil spirits caused human being to lose self control and commit such an act. To most local they had only heard of bestiality but this was their first chance of experiencing it. They say experience is the best teacher but this isnít the best lesson to learn as it is not only terrifying but horrific not for the faint hearted to witness.
Not only in Africa do such things occur, in Turkey, Izmir, a sheep gave birth to a dead lamb with human like face. Eyes, nose and mouth like a humanís, only ears were like those of a sheep. Some vets said that rare mutation was likely of an improper mutation as a result of motherís fodder being abundant with Vitamin A.
Who is responsible or to blame? For me, before you have sex, unprotected in this matter, with an animal first think of the consequences. Nobody will know that you thought it was between you and the goat and when the goat gives birth itís a goat with your head.
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